The coolest jeeps in the world

When choosing a really cool jeep always raises the question of the criteria. What is the advantage? Awesome conceptual interior or exterior design? Stunning power or super-intelligent electronics? Size? Cost? Perhaps, such a title can be claimed only

Top minibus rating

>Why in the developed countries of Europe about every fourth house you can see a minibus? They are practical and versatile. Suitable for both work and leisure by a large family or company. Seven or nine places is enough to take relatives and even

Ranking of the best hatchbacks in 2018

>Hatchback is a very popular body type in the modern car market. It has its own characteristics, can provide a decent list of advantages, although it is characterized by some disadvantages. In the arsenal of almost every automaker there is a model

The most comfortable cars: the rating of the most convenient

When choosing and buying a car, its comfort becomes one of the most important qualities along with reliability. In the absence of a comfortable cabin, a trip, especially over a long distance, will not only not bring pleasure, but may cause fatigue,

Top cars for different families

>The concept of a family car is quite multifaceted, so choosing among the wide range of passenger cars the optimally suitable model in all respects is not so simple. Manufacturers themselves pay special attention to the development of cars that

Our manufacturers are at the top: truck ratings

>Trucking plays a huge role in the economy of our country. Food, household chemicals and dozens of other items of goods - all this in a continuous stream on trucks gets to the wholesale base. And there, this stream is divided into thousands of

Rating of new suvs up to 700 thousand rubles

>In the discharge of new cars with increased opportunities to overcome obstacles, and more precisely, in the class of real jeeps, it is quite difficult to find a good option up to 700 tons.Good options for SUV 700 thousand rublesБольшая часть

Rating of new cars up to 1500000 rubles

>If you have a budget of 1.5 million rubles, for this money automakers and salons offer a wide selection of excellent cars. There are those who barely exceed the mark of 1 million rubles. Or models, the cost of which in the basic configuration

When costs are above all - the most practical cars in the

>Every year, American experts call the most practical vehicles in the world, which do not bring any problems to their owners during the entire period of operation. Of course, in some countries, their calculations may be irrelevant due to other

What new crossover to 600000 rubles is better

>Having such a sum at disposal, few people hope to buy a crossover for themselves, but now it is possible. Moreover, manufacturers offer a wide range, among which you can find a really decent option. Читать далее о новых кроссоверах за 600 тысяч
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