Rating of new crossovers worth up to 3 million rubles

>Crossovers are the most popular and frequently encountered cars on domestic roads.. Их популярность объясняется очень просто: повышенная проходимость и отличная приспособленность как к городским дорогам, так и к условиям незначительного

Top 10 best car alarm systems 2016-2017

Any vehicle owner will be useful knowledge about which car alarm is better. They will help him choose the version of the security system that suits his personal criteria, is highly valued by experts and consumers. Content What is better to put car

Rating the best dvrs 2016-2017 year

For many drivers, the DVR is a must-have device in the car. And it is not surprising, because this device allows you to defend their interests in the event of an accident or an accident, and also to prove their case when communicating with regulatory

What cars are most often stolen in moscow

>Buying a car for many people is the most important event in life. But this joy can darken the hijacking of the vehicle. This type of criminal activity is actively practiced in Moscow, the Moscow Region throughout Russia. The hijackers have

Ranking of the best commercial vans

>Vans are a special class of cars. They are purchased, as a rule, for work. Therefore, the most important characteristics when choosing such cars are reliability, cost of operation, maintainability and affordable starting price. This is quite

The best cars with the best handling characteristics

>Having good handling is crucial in any car. Many car owners, and especially the younger generation of drivers, do not always realize the true meaning of the concept of good handling.Good management cars do not imply the ability to go into drifts,

The best sedans in the opinion of car owners: rating from

The most common body types for cars are sedan and hatchback. That is what millions of people prefer. 4 doors provide practicality, comfort, ease of operation. Choose the best sedan possible, based on personal requirements for the car. Then the car

Top three best small cars

>These little cars just have to find their place in life. The one who becomes the owner of one of them, the soul will not be in it. Of course, the big advantage of the presented models is the size, they will not fit "except in a matchbox". In

Ranking of the best models of korean suvs and crossovers

>A few years ago, Korean manufacturers raised the bar for quality and the number of cars produced, which led to the popularity of these cars around the world, including in Russia.The latest line of SUVs and crossovers are available in many trim

The best cars among the highest quality

>As more and more cars are equipped with turbocharging, are hybrid or all-electric, and sophisticated infotainment systems offer more and more features, reliability and quality are becoming one of the fundamental factors for smooth
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