The most beautiful cars in the world: auto design rating

Beauty in the world of cars is just as important as among people. After all, every rider or motorist wants to have a faithful iron horse, not only with excellent characteristics, but also a stylish design. Any driver appreciates comfort and

Rating of the best suvs up to 500,000 rubles

>To date, there are many tempting offers to buy a SUV up to 500 thousand rubles. The most important thing to figure out which SUV to buy: domestic production, co-production or foreign. Recently, we considered the best SUVs for 600 thousand rubles

Best cars for traveling

>You can travel on anything. Relatively recently, the Russians were convinced that even the “Kalina” is capable of crossing the country literally from edge to edge. But how comfortable and comfortable is this? Considering in this article, the best

Good car for 300 thousand? this is real!

>After the dollar has risen, many believe that, if previously they had access to a good car with decent performance, now this is impossible. Such a strange opinion deprives customers of their own choice in favor of a good car, the desire to search

Rating the best car in the c-class

>The task is not simple, because the C-class is represented by one of the largest assortments of cars. To the C-class carry compact cars or small cars of the middle class. But it's fair to call them golf class today. The ancestor of the era became

Top 10 most passable off-road vehicles in the world

>Recently, vehicles are becoming more comfortable and soft, and even in the class of off-road vehicles, fuel economy and driver and passenger comfort are higher than off-road performance. For most buyers, this is a positive sign. But still there

The fastest suv in the world

The fastest and most powerful off-road vehicles are the ultimate dream of many modern motorists. Such transport is distinguished by high maneuverability and good tractive qualities. But at the same time, off-road cars from different manufacturers

Rating of the most expensive car maintenance

>The cost of cars when buying - is not the only financial factor considered by future owners. When making a car requires insurance costs, and then for maintenance, fuel, replacement parts. Often it is maintenance that “hits” the pocket of

Overview of the biggest minivans

This is perhaps the most convenient transport for those motorists who appreciate the combination of space, comfort and good technical characteristics in a car. A large cabin, which can boast of almost every minivan, is complemented by a spacious

Top most fashionable cars

>Fashion is a fairly subjective concept. In the automotive world, it is largely determined by the popularity of the car. Many buyers seek to purchase not only reliable and safe, but also a beautiful and original car. There is a huge choice of cars
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