What kind of cars do americans prefer?

>In 2016, 17.5 million more cars were sold in the United States than in 2015. Активный рост продаж продолжается и в 2017. Нами были определены самые популярные авто в США – те, которые получили наибольшее количество восторженных откликов от своих

What cars are most often bought in russia

>Every year, analysts sum up and provide visual information about the market situation. Last year was not an exception, data on auto sales in 2017 recently became available to the public. The rating of the best-selling cars in Russia for 2018 is

Rating of the best cars in demand in the united states of

>The origins of the American carThe foreign auto industry is constantly developing new technologies in the automotive industry. Cars of foreign manufacture, including those produced in the USA, have gained particular popularity among domestic

Attractive offer: the best coupe cars

>Initially, under the name of the coupe produced two-door car with a closed body for 3-4 seats. But gradually, Coupe became, rather, a marketing symbol, the task of which is to emphasize the sportiness, the charge of the car. Very often, companies

Rating suv up to 600 thousand rubles

>Among the best SUV for 600 thousand. P. there are cars of the American company Chevrolet (Chevrolet), the Chinese company Haima (Haim), the Russian company Lada (Lada), the Chinese Lifan (Lifan).Chevrolet LevelsСреди многочисленных паркетников

Best suv in terms of price and quality - rating by segment

>Buying your dream car is no easy task. Given the state of domestic roads, potential buyers are increasingly choosing their vehicles, which combine not only excellent performance indicators, but also are characterized by decent maneuverability. An

Rating of the most expensive production cars

>The modern world is full of a variety of cars. But invariably attracted attention to themselves expensive production cars. And not because exclusive materials were used in their manufacture, but because their technical characteristics can

The best middle class sedans for russian roads

>If you want to really feel that things are getting better in the world economy, then follow the progress of at least one world auto show. It seems that the global auto industry does not even know what a crisis is - new models appear constantly

Top 10 best pickups of the world for russia

Increasingly, on the roads of Russia, you can see pickups - comfortable cars designed for carrying and towing loads. If you want to buy a car of this class, but you can not stop at any one, the rating of the Top 10 best pickups in the world for

2017 minivan rating

On the eve of the new decade, the consumer market has changed a lot. People began to focus less on advertising and more on technical characteristics and independent experience and analysis. Leaders of sales are not models for innovative developments,
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