Russian cars

All-wheel drive frame suvs continue to be produced

The topic of our article today is a four-wheel drive frame SUV. Many believe that this design was a relic of the past. But not all motorists support this opinion. Yes, and a number of manufacturers continues to produce classic jeeps of this type.

Tuning uaz patriot will make the car better and more

Tuning UAZ Patriot is an interesting thing that will turn the standard UAZ Patriot into an original car. Moreover, making tuning UAZ Patriot There are many different options for improvements.Recently, the Russian owners of the Patriots have been

Tuning vaz 2131 for russian off-road with their own hands

VAZ 2131 is an improvement of the car SUV VAZ 2129 "Cedar". Now VAZ 2131 consists of a five-door structure, thereby expanding its capabilities. A feature of this car is the base increased by 500mm, because of which the body length in the car and the

Tuning a penny (vaz 2101) is expensive and interesting

This story began about tuning a penny with the simplest restoration of a car. First of all, a kopek (VAZ 2101) was repainted with the color of night fire, then installed serious discs and equipped the device with power steering. Already after such

Tuning gaz 66 to improve this suv

Car tuning has long reached the most unprecedented heights in its development. Sometimes creations that come out from under the hands of auto-craftsmen simply amaze with their uniqueness, and often frank unreality. Modern tuning GAZ 66 implies not

New cargo uaz profi - review and test drive

The Russian market for commercial vehicles was in dire need of a new and low-cost representative of the segment. They became the hero of this review - UAZ Profi. We will carefully consider the novelty, highlight its advantages and disadvantages, and

Chevrolet niva diesel with fog lights

Currently, it is increasingly possible to see cars running on diesel fuel. The popularity of diesel engines is growing, and they are gradually replacing gasoline engines. This is due to the greater efficiency of this type of fuel, as well as greater

Tuning vaz 2114 (tuning lada 2114) with their own hands,

Tuning VAZ 2114 – это тема очень долгая и интересная, уж слишком много здесь есть нюансов и подводных камней, и о них мы поговорим в этой статье. Когда проводится тюнинг ВАЗ 2114, необходимо помнить про определенные нормативы, изменения которых

Russian cars: not so bad as it seems!

The Russian car industry today is part of the global car industry, and it was created this way. And, accordingly, any changes in the global automotive industry will inevitably affect our car production. Although there are some segments in the

Powerful tuning lada granta do it yourself

When choosing a car for a thorough tuning, many people turn their attention to the cars of the Russian manufacturer. This is due primarily to the fact that AvtoVAZ cars have a low cost. When tuning such cars, significant improvements can be made,
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