Russian cars

Detailed test drive chevrolet niva (chevrolet niva)

  Today, every resident of Russia is familiar with Chevrolet Niva, which during its existence has managed to become a real people's car. Niva Chevrolet combines a number of positive qualities: excellent maneuverability, high reliability, spacious

Full test drive car lada granta (lada granta)

From the very beginning, the Lada Granta car (its factory designation - VAZ-2190) was conceived as an inexpensive and high-quality vehicle that would meet modern safety requirements, but would remain accessible to the buyer. The model was developed

Chip engine tuning vaz 21124: photo and video

VAZ 2112 car began to be produced in 1999. The car was a 5-door project with a hatchback body and a convenient design. Due to its design, the VAZ 2112 could clearly respond to steering wheel turns. The production of cars continued, 16-valve engines

Tuning engine vaz 2109 on their own

When it comes to improving the technical characteristics of any domestic car, the first thought that comes to mind is the phrase: "We need to put a different engine from a foreign car, for example." But not everyone can afford this option, so today

Tuning vaz 2103: from idea to implementation

Model VAZ 2103 - child of the 70s! The body of the "troika" - five-seater type "sedan". Developed this miracle with the Italian company Fiat. He released the "thunderstorm of the 70s" Volga Automobile Plant. There was a model called Lada 1500. And

Tuning moskvich 412: make the old car cool

Tuning a Muscovite as a phrase can be shocking to many, basically, there will be thoughts like “don’t dress up like a donkey, he won’t become a horse anyway.” But for many, tuning is a hobby or an activity that pleases the soul, besides this, the

Fine-tuning and tuning the carburetor vaz 2109

Many fans of domestic cars, who have acquired for themselves the good old "nine", think about how to make it more powerful, reliable, modern. Some even seriously improve the car, far away from the factory "defaults" and the classic layout.Someone is

Tuning salon vaz 2110 can do it yourself

In order for the movement in the car to be truly comfortable, its interior must be made according to all the wishes of the owner, which the automakers cannot predict. Therefore, more and more often, various auto repair shops receive requests for

Niva car rides great on russian roads

In Russia, it is somehow accepted to dislike your car industry. Everyone knows about the shortcomings of domestic vehicles and love to pry Russian manufacturers. Most gets vases. But there was a car in the VAZ history, which in principle can be

Vaz 21074 injector can be safely called the "updated seven"

In 1982, the Volga Automobile Plant produced a new model VAZ 2107. Initially, it was a car of the carburetor type. Engine size on different versions of cars differed. Model VAZ 21074 injector has an engine capacity of 1.6 liters, which exactly
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