Russian cars

Tuning vaz 2106 (six) do it yourself car transforms

Today on the road you can find a lot of cars of domestic production with a unique tuning. Although there are motorists who say that this is all superfluous, and that tuning is justified only in rally and at exhibitions. Real fans of their cars

Lada vesta will soon be in mass production

Great news for fans of cars of domestic production, AvtoVAZ announced the release of a trendy car - new Lada Vesta, the mass production of which is expected from September 2015. But does this car really meet all the expectations of both the

Tuning slavuty (zaz 1103) on their own

Recently, there are several opinions about what kind of cars to drive. Many motorists follow the innovations of the automotive industry and immediately acquire modern cars, others don’t rush to part with their cars, and there isn’t the whole amount

Lada largus cross - looks like a crossover

Today, crossovers are of particular interest to the public, because these cars have off-road qualities and drive around the city well, because they have compact dimensions. If we study the statistics of sales in recent years, it is clear that

Chevrolet niva engine is working properly, if you follow him

For all those who still do not know what exactly is the engine of a Chevrolet Niva, and this article was prepared. After all, recently Chevrolet Niva, whose engine capacity is 1.7 liters, is quite popular in the CIS countries, so many are interested

New car gazelle will replace the old

The obsolete Gazelles of emergency medical care have been replaced by cars based on Gazel-Business. These cars are the most popular specialized ambulances.During the time of emergency medical service, Gazelle cars repeatedly passed all sorts of

Tuning uaz hunter (hunter): an interesting off-road option

UAZ Hunter is a brutal domestic SUV that easily drives through the woods, mud and other off-road conditions. But in the city it is not very stylish to ride, so many Hunter drivers make tuning UAZ Hunter to make this car look more glamorous. If you do

Not long lived new volga cyber

New Volga Cyber ​​left the conveyor, giving way to VW and Chevrolet. GAZ President Bo Andersson officially announced this event in early 2011. The fact that Gazovtsy hid the truth for several months can be understood: the GAZ leadership needed to

Uaz loaf (diesel) - an economical suv

People's all-terrain vehicle UAZ Loaf (Tablet) has become popular due to its technical and driving performance. Reliable time-tested car has become the best in its class for fans of fishing, hunting, residents of villages, villages and hard-to-reach

New oka looks in a new way and in a new price

All the familiar small car Oka was designed at the Volga automobile plant in the late 20th century. It was assumed that this model will become widely popular, but failed. And again the news from the engineers of VAZ - a new Oka was created, the price
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