Russian cars

The fuel consumption of the uaz patriot updated model has

Today, only a few cars of the Russian manufacturer are in demand and popularity among motorists. Among this number of representatives of the Russian car industry can be identified UAZ Patriot - a full-fledged SUV, which is designed to travel over

Tuning of the cabin vaz 21214 - do-it-yourself cabin comfort

History VAZ 21214 It begins with the reincarnation of the car VAZ 21213. Both cars were altered almost simultaneously with the old "Niva", so some of the characteristics of them are the same.Probably not one domestic car can not be compared with the

Kamaz cars are designed to win

Cars KAMAZ - the pride of both the Soviet and Russian car industry. It so happened that the population refers to domestic cars with some skepticism. However, KamAZ is spared. The company from Naberezhnye Chelny has been operating since 1976, and

Incredible tuning vaz 2107

VAZ 2107 - one of the most popular cars in the people, as well as VAZ 2106, which tuning is also very popular in our country. Due to its appearance in front, and especially the radiator grille, it is often called the “Russian Mercedes”. If you

The principle of operation and the scheme of the carburetor

We have previously raised the topic of carburetors for this popular Russian car VAZ 2109. They are simple in design, and most motorists are well aware of the internal structure of this important car part. But, for clarity, we decided to show you more

Comprehensive tuning of the volga 31105 - complete

Before proceeding to the stages of the implementation of GAZ 31105 tuning, we note that all the Volga thirty-first series provide a fertile field for the application of talents and skills of those who are familiar with technical improvement. The

Uaz patriot with automatic transmission is not yet known

В сети, и, в особенности на форумах, посвященных внедорожникам, многие темы были посвящены вопросу, когда выйдет UAZ Patriot with automatic transmission. Главный российский «джип» пережил множество реинкарнаций, и «Patriot» можно назвать одной из

Chrysler sebring and dodge stratus - cheap american cars

American cars Dodge Stratus and Chrysler Sebringwhich have a lot of things in common, because they are of the same series, and were produced from 2001 to 2007. At first, they were brought to Russia first-hand, and later they started selling these

Full test drive car lada vesta (lada vesta)

In 2015, for the first time released Lada West. Without exaggeration, it can be called a breakthrough in the domestic auto industry. Absolutely all the characteristics, both technical and design, are thought out to the smallest detail and ideally

Cars "zhiguli" - the legacy of the italian beauty

Toward the middle of the 60s, a situation developed in the Soviet planning-command economic system, when the gap between the amount of money in the hands of the population and their provision of consumer goods reached threatening size, which promised
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