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Tuning of the cabin vaz 21213 - a new type of "niva taiga"

Как же долго автозавод в ATолжском крае не давал о себе знать. Более шестнадцати лет автолюбители ждали новых внедрений в мире авто. Казалось, что ATАЗу 2121 нет равных, и на этом производство легковых автомобилей «внедорожников» прекратилось. Прошло

Tuning vaz 2110 do it yourself requires a lot of effort and

It is the cars of this domestic manufacturer are the favorite "platform" for all kinds of tuning. For some, this is one of the ways to show their imagination, skills, mechanic and designer, for others - the opportunity to improve the technical

Tuning the engine vaz 2110 with their hands seriously

Cars of the Russian manufacturer are increasingly used as a "platform" for making various changes in the design and appearance. Some do it in order to show their abilities as an auto mechanic and show their talent as a designer, others just want to

Vaz 2110: a fresh look at old traditions

For the first time this car appeared on Russian roads in the already distant 1995. Then this sedan seemed something fundamentally new. In any case, in terms of automotive design. In this regard, it is strikingly different from, though popular, but

Cheap suvs are very cheap and a bit more expensive.

If you are interested in cheap SUVs, then our review will help to get a rough picture of the modern market. It includes cars from the CIS, Japan, China, EU countries and other countries. They differ in characteristics, dimensions, etc.Every customer

This suv gaz-69 (photo) will travel anywhere

We talked a lot about German SUVs, such as the 2013 Gelendvagen, the English - Range Rover Sport 2013. And today we will talk about our SUVs, which feel very good in our off-road conditions.Moreover, the car in question is a legend GAZ-69. Where she

Tuning vaz 2109 allows you to improve the nine with their

The old "nine" is one of those machines that are constantly tuning and modernizing. The reason for this is that the car is cheap and light, both in terms of weight and device. Every month, more than 20 thousand motorists are wondering what the tuning

Tuning gazelle significantly increases the technical

Gazelle cars are more often used as working vehicles, and for the people who drive them, they become a second home. Therefore, each driver seeks to improve his car for even greater comfort while driving. With the right approach, tuning the Gazelle

Lada granta liftback: tuning for all occasions

Lada Granta with a body liftback appeared on the market relatively recently. This car is available in a wide range of configurations. New Grant received a more modern transmission, high-quality suspension, some good engines and transmission

Compare the lada vesta and volkswagen polo

Volkswagen Polo – уверенно занandмает лandдandрующandе позandцandand в классовом сегменте В. Это подтверждают не только технandкand, andнженеры and аналandтandкand рынка. За такandмand выводамand стоят тысячand людскandх сердец, которые полюбandлand
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