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Carburetor for vaz 2109 (lada samara) is easy to maintain

"Nine" - perhaps the most popular car of the Russian car industry. Simple, fairly reliable and adequate for the price, it became a tasty morsel for not very rich motorists.In principle, in spite of all the claims to VAZ and some skepticism of the

Hatchback lada granta 2014 - new modification

AvtoVAZ presented official information on the configuration and prices of the new Lada Granta model. Depending on the internal equipment, the car will be available for the amount of 314-477 thousand rubles. About two years ago, there was official

New uaz patriot 2017 is now available

В октябре 2016 года ульяновский завод представил новый UAZ 2017. Водителей и экспертов ожидало большое количество сюрпризов. С первого взгляда внешность внедорожника изменилась ровно настолько, насколько можно не спутать новый УАЗ Патриот 2017 с

Not everybody can do serious tuning of the vaz 2105 with

For connoisseurs of the Soviet automobile industry, VAZ cars will forever remain a kind of classic. And now they are often found on the roads. The available rear-wheel drive car pleases its owners, and for sure each VAZ 2105 wants to do tuning. And

Specifications ford focus 2, depending on the configuration

Consider the technical characteristics of Ford Focus 2 - one of the most popular golf-class cars, which is being assembled in Russia.In 2004, the first model was released. In 2008, restyled. The look of the Ford Focus 2 has changed, the car has

Uaz patriot 2015: an improved version of the domestic suv

Off-road vehicles manufactured at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant are becoming more and more popular on the domestic market. And although the modern market is currently in a stagnant state, and the Ulyanovsk VAZ is experiencing serious difficulties,

Compare new hyundai solaris vs lada vesta

Last year began the rivalry Hyundai Solaris and Lada Vesta. However, the Russian car was in the role of catching up and sold one and a half times worse in the domestic market. Today, the situation has changed dramatically. Hyundai Solaris in 2017 was

Niva pickup (vaz 2329) will cope even with russian bad roads

If you want to become your own in any village, then you should stop by the pick-up truck "Niva". VAZ 2329 - a real hard worker, no frills, who are so fond of urban residents, so that he is very popular among the population of the villages.We do not

Uaz patriot, fuel consumption per 100 km is quite moderate

Domestic frame car UAZ Patriot produced since 2005. In October 2016, an updated version was presented, which by parameters such as safety and comfort, far exceeds previous generations.If the choice of complete sets continues to be quite large, then

Comparative review of lada vesta vs lada grants

All the less often there are jokes about the domestic auto industry. With an enviable regularity, new models of VAZ began to enter the market, which are increasingly adapted to the needs of the consumer. Sometimes buyers are faced with a serious
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