Russian cars

Tuning lada largus will make this car more beautiful

Cars of the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ are increasingly subject to improvements and tremendous in scale and type of tuning. It should be noted that the cars that just came out of the factory’s conveyor cannot be called incomplete and very poor in

Frame suvs are reliable and large

SUVs are divided into 2 groups:frame;with a monocoque body that does not have a frame. The frame is the basis of the car, made of durable iron that can withstand heavy loads. The engine, wheels, body and everything else is mounted on the frame. This

Suspension ford focus 2 (front and rear) needs repair

The suspension of the Ford Focus 2 is quite reliable, technical characteristics of the Ford Focus 2 show it. It has a long service life, but if you repair the suspension of the Ford Focus 2, then some problems often arise. To fix the damage
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