Traffic regulations, fines, documents

The sign prohibiting a stop: area, photo

A significant increase in the number of vehicles in modern cities is forcing traffic inspectors to apply the most stringent measures to adjust traffic. One of the ways is the active introduction of prohibition signs, which include a sign that

What is the tcp on the car

Каждый автовладелец должен знать, what is TCP on a car, ведь именно так принято сокращать название одного из важных документов на автомобиль. Благодаря паспорту транспортного средства удается фиксировать комплектацию авто, а также технические

What is a car insurance deductible?

The modern insurance market is regularly filled with new products. An important place in it is given to products associated with road transport. Recently, more and more drivers are interested in what a franchise is in the hull and how it works.

Duration of the fine for violation of traffic rules

The legislation of almost all progressive states allows the use of automatic amnesty in relation to certain types of punishment. This method is also used in Russia. It applies to traffic offenses. There is a certain period of limitation on traffic

Do i need a checkup for osago

Carrying out technical inspection of the car in the appropriate order gives permission to transport to move on public roads. The supporting document in this case is the diagnostic card. With this card, you can already come to the insurance company. A

Changed the rights - what to do with insurance?

Legal formalities can confuse motorists with different levels of training. After the introduction of a temporary driver's license, the question of whether it is necessary to change insurance when replacing the rights remains topical for many. It is

All about the car recycling program̆

The car recycling program is becoming a traditional tool for the Russian car market. The service gives you the opportunity to buy new cars, while receiving a significant discount for the fact that the old car is recycled. Motorists acquire a new car,

How to put a car on the account

The next step after buying a car and completing all the necessary documents is to register the car. The registration process takes place in any selected driver, department of the traffic police, where you will need to provide a technical passport for

How does the sign "pedestrian crossing"

Not only pedestrians, but also drivers should know the pedestrian crossing road sign. This is due to the fact that the zone designated by such an indicator obliges to certain rules of behavior for people who are driving. Due to the presence in the

How to challenge the traffic police fine

It is not a secret for anyone that the decision on an administrative offense is an official document fixing the fact of committing a misdemeanor and serving as the basis for initiating proceedings on the case about it. However, not all motorists know
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