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Responsibility for driving drunk

The phenomenon of “drunk driving”, unfortunately, still refers to the reality of Russian auto-days. Since it is difficult not to notice the fact that drunk driving more and more often leads to accidents and casualties, the government’s reaction was

What is the penalty for driving without a license

Driving license is required for legal driving of any vehicle. Only state bodies issue these documents, and a person can be trained in any driving school. It would seem that he got the rights and drive quietly with his car, motorcycle, etc. But due to

The toning law: how much is fine

The toning law today causes a lot of heated debate and disagreement between drivers and traffic police inspectors. This is due to new changes introduced in January 2017, in the road traffic regulations, on toughening penalties for toning. Toning is a

What to do if the perpetrator of the accident disappeared

Undesirable situations can trap motorists on any part of the road. It is also possible to become a participant in the accident in a regular parking lot when an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel of the culprit, “hooking” your wing or bumper.

Sample filling notification of accident

The number of cars on our roads is growing every day. Unfortunately, the number of accidents increases after this. Today, road accidents are so frequent that insurance and police officers simply do not have time to cope with the challenges. And all

No entry sign

The main road signs used to regulate traffic, have many similar features in different countries. One of the most recognizable signs of this kind is the red circle with a white horizontal rectangle in the center. For the similarity with the popular

The new law on toning: whether rights are deprived of and

The introduction of new rules and regulations of the vehicle should increase safety on the road. This is facilitated by the current law on toning from July 1, 2015. After conducting various studies, the standards and the form of using artificial

How to check transport tax

Russia does not cease to introduce various innovations relating to its tax reform. Transport tax - this is its next stage, held in the country. Previously, there was a road tax and a tax on vehicle owners. Now it is determined by one term transport

How to break a car on the vin code

Modern online technology allows you to track many parameters of vehicles. Most motorists in this case tend to check the car for the VIN code for free. Such an approach when buying used cars significantly reduces the risks of obtaining a doubtful

Disabled parking: rules

Domestic legislation distinguishes among motorists preferential category in which people with disabilities fall. One of the privileges is the possibility to have a dedicated parking area. To identify this area, use the special sign "Parking for the
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