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What threatens to drive with expired rights

In most modern countries, a driver's license, usually called “rights,” is issued for a limited period. This innovation has not bypassed Russia. Now, unlike in the Soviet Union, where this document was issued on a perpetual basis, it is necessary to

How to recover a recycled car

Domestic motorists easily removed from the register of their vehicles in order to minimize the tax on the car. This measure allowed them to significantly save money at the time when a long period of downtime without maintenance was taking place due

Driver card for tachograph: where to get

Safety on the road in modern conditions is controlled in various ways. It is especially important to keep records in the field of transportation of passengers cargo. For these purposes, special devices - tachographs are used. They are mounted in

How to insure a car

Currently, about 150 companies in Russia offer car insurance services. At the same time 50% of the total market covers the twenty largest insurers. In such a situation, there are objective difficulties with the choice of the insurance company, which

Passing the medical examination for rights: what is needed

Each driver is required to undergo a full-fledged medical exam on the right. The health check helps to identify possible problems for a driver's license and does not allow people with complex mental illnesses, vision problems, etc., to drive.

Dates of inspection

The emergence of new legislation relating to road transport, forcing drivers to follow the changes in the regulatory framework. At the same time it is necessary to ensure compliance of your vehicle with the established technical characteristics

Terms of payment of insurance for ctp

Many motorists are reluctant to register with insurance companies to obtain a compulsory car insurance policy. However, such conditions for the use of vehicles with CTP provide more opportunities to resolve disputes on the road. This especially

Pass-through sign prohibited

Drivers are required to know the Rules of the road, not only in terms of the driveways of various sections of the road, but also the presence of road markings and installed signs. This will help not only to avoid possible fines, but also unwanted

What is different from osago casco

Situations encountered on the road can be interpreted by different road users in different ways. Such disputes, especially if material damage was caused as a result of the incident, can last more than one month, making it clear who is to blame. For a

What is the penalty for parking in the wrong place

The Russian authorities have begun to restore order with parking spaces. The main lever for restoring order was an increased penalty for improper parking. This measure, according to the country's leaders, should be decisive in combating the often
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