Traffic regulations, fines, documents

Authentication of ctp policy

By introducing compulsory insurance for car owners, the state attempted to simplify the resolution of some of the problems associated with compensation for damage in road traffic accidents. This method really helped in many controversial situations.

What you need to pass vehicle inspection

Legislation regarding automotive inspection is subject to frequent changes. This is associated with the changing situation on the roads, the increasing number of cars and the desire to ensure maximum safety to all road users. Поскольку не теряет

What is the penalty for driving a red light?

Frequent misdemeanors include such relatively minor traffic violations as non-compliance with traffic lights established by rules However, it should be borne in mind that such facts can lead to serious negative consequences. The legislation provides

How to deregister a car without a car

Владельцы легковушек не всегда внимательно отслеживают часто меняющееся законодательство, поэтому решение вопроса о том, how to remove the car from the account without a car, может у них вызывать определенные сложности. Несколько лет назад процесс

Filling the europrotol in an accident: sample

For several years in our country a system of registration of minor accidents has been in place, in which it is not necessary to call the road inspectors to the scene of the accident. It is possible to settle the question between the participants of

What will happen if you do not pay the traffic police fine

Each driver happened to pay a penalty for unfair implementation of the rules on the road. The penalties established recently by the law are already substantial for the majority. Only a small number of vehicle owners can pay the fine on the day they

Is it allowed to perform overtaking at a pedestrian

One of the most important areas in the way of motor transport is a pedestrian crossing. When crossing it, drivers need to be extremely attentive. It is important to take into account the boundaries of this zone in order to avoid possible punishment.

Acceptable speeding in russia

Compliance with the speed limit on the road is an important action, as the life and health of road users depends on it. However, domestic drivers are still interested in how much you can exceed the speed without penalty. This is due to the

What will happen for leaving the accident site

Traffic accidents cause serious damage not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Russian statistics indicate about two hundred thousand road accidents every year with the participation of victims. The sad thing is that about 15% of this number is

How to check the car for arrest in the traffic police

Often, the first vehicle motorists acquire "with it." In such cases, it is necessary to show maximum attention and caution in relation to the current transaction. A prerequisite is to conduct all sorts of checks that can demonstrate the legality of
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