Traffic regulations, fines, documents

Where to complain about the wrong parked car

Compliance with the rules of the road should be ensured in all situations. Even a standing outside car can create an emergency or problem situation. Resolve this situation will be a peaceful way. It is enough to know how to call a tow truck for an

Is it possible to drive without insurance ctp

In the civilized world, most disputes in any field, including automotive, are settled with the help of insurance companies. By introducing such legal relationships between its citizens, Russia also seeks to accelerate the resolution of disputed

Punishment of a brick

Compliance with the rules of the road helps not only preserve the integrity and safety of cars, but also the health of drivers and passengers. One of the strict signs in such a situation is the prohibiting symbol in the form of a circle in red with a

How to check the car to ban registration actions

Used vehicles are the most acceptable purchase for many drivers in many respects. Affordable cost and relatively inexpensive parts make this product attractive to many users. However, some cars have an unfavorable financial or legal history;

Do i need to do a ctp if there is a hull insurance

The increasing number of cars on domestic roads from year to year leads to an inevitable increase in car accidents. Various types of insurance are used to resolve disputes over possible types of material damage. One of them is compulsory insurance,

Penalty for stopping at a pedestrian crossing

The basic requirement for ensuring the safety of road users is competent parking or stopping at designated places. The current Rules of the road quite clearly regulate the allowed zones for these operations. Also in the traffic rules are listed

How to transport children in a car

One of the main factors that should be taken into account in the process of road transport is the maximum safety of the driver and passengers. For this, certain systems are provided for each vehicle. The order of their application is regulated by the

How many meters to the pedestrian crossing is parking

Due to the large number of cars in most large settlements, there has long been a problem with the parking of vehicles. This circumstance did not remain without attention of the traffic police, who monitor compliance with the traffic rules. At the

How to find out the owner by car number

All kinds of databases allow almost anyone who wants to punch a car by car number at any time. This operation is often necessary both for solving private issues, including pre-sale monitoring of a car, and for investigating an accident if one of the

Checking cars on tcp on the traffic police website

The market for used transport in our country is quite large. This leads to the fact that cars with hands are acquired in large quantities, and among the sellers may not be the most conscientious citizens. At the same time, the risks of the sale and
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