Line muffler with their own hands

Car owners who want to separate their “iron horse” from the gray mass of cars similar to it, often think about tuning. This process may have several options: External tuning - is to change the appearance of the car. This may be the installation of

Overlay on the instrument panel vaz 2114

The formation of the individuality of the domestic vehicle envisages several goals. One of them is to ensure comfortable operation of your iron horse. Also, personalization reduces the risk of theft, because the car that stands out among the stream

How to make a car antenna with your own hands

Car owners who spend a long time behind the wheel of their cars, strive to provide maximum comfort themselves and passengers. Such features of comfort include various multimedia systems with TV, video and audio. However, classical antennas poorly

How to tint the car yourself

In the car, you can easily see cars with dark glasses. The popularity of dubbing film is quite understandable, because after installing it, the car gets several significant advantages. In particular, the driver is no longer the object of universal

Why do i need a spoiler on the car

Various additional outdoor accessories help to make your own car unique. Thanks to them, the machine acquires not only aesthetic qualities, but also gets new physical properties. This should take into account all fans of external tuning. Before you

How to tint headlights film

Tinted headlights (shading and / or color change) is one of the most popular, simple, inexpensive types of car tuning. Tinted headlights can greatly change the exterior (appearance) of the car, giving it originality, style, individuality ... But,

How to connect a rearview camera

We have already talked about parktronics, which allow you to control the back of the car when making parking. However, they may not fully cope with their task. The fact is that if there is a small pillar in the dead zone of the sensors, the parking

How to pick up the acoustics in the car

When a car owner thinks about its improvement, the first thing he thinks about is the car speakers in the car. However, it is necessary to take into account a large number of car speakers in the market. Various factors influence the sound quality. It

Installing a child seat in the back seat: video

Every motorist needs to take care of the safety of all passengers, including the smallest. Child carriage in passenger cars is quite clearly regulated in the Rules of the road. Babies are required to be in specially adapted chairs. Content1

Which parking sensors is better to choose

In a large modern city, the number of cars on the roads is staggering. Transport around more and more, and less space. Drawing attention to this problem, automakers began to produce new models of cars with an integrated parking assistant in order to
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