How to choose a car compressor for tire inflation

Modern drivers practically do not use "antique" hand or foot pumps for pumping wheels. In place of such units came automatic devices virtually undemanding the participation of people in their work. The general advantages uniting all types of devices

Dvr with radar detector: which model is better to buy

Recently, an anti-radar with a DVR has become popular in the automotive electronics market. The hybrid device combines several useful functions. Manufacturers of these products offer their products in several price segments, allowing drivers to pick

Doing a spoiler with your own hands

Individuality for the car has always been valued highly enough. However, not always the desired result can be obtained quickly, efficiently and relatively inexpensively. For a stylish change in the appearance of your favorite car owners often use

How to make angel eyes with your own hands

Everybody pays attention to the exterior of any car: various body kits, original door handles, spoilers. Separately, we can mention the refinement of optics. Very much like motorists "Angel Eyes", which for the first time introduced the company BMW.

Self-made winch from the starter

Going on a trip, motorists collect all the necessary accessories. This set may differ from drivers of different cars. Particular attention is paid to lovers of extreme travel to overcome the problem areas of the selected route. In such a situation,

Active car antennas for radio

In many vehicles, a radio is a source of good music and news. The high-quality signal helps him usually catch an active car antenna for the radio. Its use allows you to get rid of possible radio interference in difficult urban conditions, where there

How to make a roof rack on the car

The problem of any modern car is the lack of space in the trunk. With daily trips it is not so noticeable, but when you are going on a long journey or on vacation, the problem of placing luggage becomes a headache for many car owners. Car

Deflectors on the side windows of the car

Additional external accessories to the car give the original memorable look. It is also important that the inserts do not reduce the drag coefficient set by the automaker. One of the useful inventions in such a situation are side window deflectors or

Gsm alarm system for cars

Car security systems in recent years are undoubtedly distinguished by their high efficiency and reliability. Nevertheless, it is possible to insure yourself additionally against intruders with the help of GSM signaling. This system, depending on the

How to choose a baby car seat

To date, only a few parents know how to choose a car seat for a child among the variety of options available in the market for a variety of products for car enthusiasts. Meanwhile, this is a very serious issue that requires increased attention. The
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