Isofix attachment system in the car: photo

Car owners and caring parents should know the basic safety systems. The most popular is the Isofix system, what it is in the car, you can find out further. Content1 Path to implementing the current standard2 Isofix mount: what is it and what are its

Installation rules fog lamps

Fully equipped car is the key to safe operation. However, some car companies do not consider the main options, excluding them from the basic configuration. These attributes include fog optics. Motorists introduce it independently, acquiring the

Which car navigator is better to buy

After buying a new car, almost every driver is faced with the fact that, along with transport, it is necessary to acquire a modern navigator. Choosing a GPS receiver is not an easy task. How to choose a navigator for the car at the same time, not

We make the electric trunk lock

Motorists know that most modern cars are equipped with an automatic opening / closing of the trunk with a special button. The mechanism works from the electric drive, eliminating the owner from having to slam the lid every time. Is it possible to

4th generation gas equipment: what you need to know

Increasing the price tag at the gas station for gasoline and diesel fuel makes motorists think about ways to save on travel. One solution to the problem is to use different alternatives to liquid fuels. We have to study the device HBO 4 generations

How to make a bumper with your own hands

All car owners take care of their cars. Most of the attention has, of course, on the appearance, which is first striking. An important part of the flawless appearance is the bumper, without which it is simply indecent to leave, and a small dent is

Snow chains for do-it-yourself wheels

Chains on car wheels - an attribute that is required in each vehicle for movement in severe weather and climatic conditions. Thanks to them, they manage to move not only along the snow surface, but also along sandy soil, loose yellow soil or even

Pasting car vinyl do it yourself

Today, tuning the car if it does not become a craze, it is rapidly approaching it. One of the common ways to make the car more stylish, individual and recognizable is the application on the body of various drawings and inscriptions. Moreover, since

Airbrush on the car with their own hands

A car can be noticeable on the highway not only due to its unusual color, but also to have a unique pattern on the side parts or hood. For this car decoration, even an unusual airy name is invented - airbrushing. A pattern or pattern is applied to

What alarm with auto start choose

Сигнализация с автоматическим запуском является инновационным устройством, которое может заблаговременно и с определенного расстояния запускать двигатель. Сегодня такая функциональность привлекает большое количество водителей. Предварительный запуск
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