What is parking sensors

Not only novice car owners, but also experienced drivers often have difficulty parking their cars. Fortunately, technical inventions of mankind come to the rescue: parking radar or parking sensors will help to park without stress and damage to

How to embellish a car with the help of virtual tuning

To change the car requires a lot of money, but not the fact that you will be satisfied with the resulting option. Computer capabilities will allow you to do this. Most recently began to gain popularity virtual tuning. With it, it is possible to

Making skirts of fiberglass do it yourself

Aerodynamic body kit can significantly improve the appearance of your car. Different shapes and designs of dodger can give transport: bold, sporty, stylish, modest and even funny image. In addition, high-quality parts can significantly improve the

How to install parking sensors yourself

Modern car is a set of systems that facilitate the life of the driver. And so that anyone could feel comfortable driving, regardless of driving experience, many devices were invented - power steering, fuel injection, navigation and parking sensors.

Installation of engine preheater 220v

Winter time is quite problematic for car maintenance. During this period, lubricants, technical fluids and fuels have a higher viscosity due to a decrease in ambient temperature. To bring them to the optimum state, it is recommended to use the engine

Do-it-yourself turbine installation

Equipment car turbocharged can be attributed to one of the most serious and costly types of tuning. This operation allows you to immediately get a noticeable increase in engine power that will appeal to most motorists. That is why car owners decide

How to choose a car dvr

Today, many car owners are at a loss, not knowing how to choose a DVR for your car? They can be understood, because now the market offers a wide variety of models from well-known companies from Russia, America, European and Asian countries. Devices

Gas installation on a car (hbo)

Gas equipment for a car (HBO) is an additional system in a vehicle, which makes it possible to supply the power plant not only with liquid bulk fuel, as the manufacturer envisages, but also to operate at the expense of gas. One of the motivations for

How to choose a rear view camera

If you ask the drivers which of the car accessories is the most useful, then many without hesitation will choose not even a DVR, but a rear-view camera. Nowadays, parking has become a real problem. Especially for inexperienced drivers, reversing is

How to glue the film on the car

Having pasted a vinyl film on the car, it is possible to solve several problems at once. You can protect the body from adverse external effects on the paintwork, protect it from minor scratches and damage. In addition, pasting vinyl perfectly and
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