Connection diagram of the subwoofer and amplifier to the

Admirers of high-quality sound want to enjoy all the shades of melodies not only at home, but also in your own car. To do this, it is necessary to upgrade the standard audio systems installed by automakers in the basic configuration of most models.

Doing an airbrush with your own hands

To decorate their cars, someone uses spoilers or other tuning body kits. Someone like installing powerful wheels or interior decoration with high-quality sound of the audio system. Most noticeably, it turns out in those cars that have beautiful

We make noise isolation of the car

Noise has long been firmly included in the list of harmful production factors. Whole treatises are devoted to protection from noise. They fight noise at industrial enterprises, in offices, public places and even on the street. Why should a car be

Glonass system for control of transport what it is

Использование обычных бумажных автомобильных карт и атласов постепенно уходит в прошлое. Успешной альтернативой такому подходу является спутниковая навигация. В современных условиях отечественные водители должны знать, что такое GLONASS, и для чего

Game: tuning cars online 3d

My favorite car not only wants to maintain in working condition, but also to give it original features. For this is used tuning. Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to carry out certain manipulations with an iron horse without leaving the

Which subwoofer is better in the car: active or passive

Настоящие меломаны всегда стремятся получать качественный звук от аудиосистем. Однако, производители автомобилей часто экономят на установке мощной мультимедийной аппаратуры. Поэтому приходится задумываться о том, how to choose a subwoofer and

How to choose a radar detector

Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to surprise by the fact that a radar detector is in the car’s cabin. Before you choose a radar detector for a car and purchase it, you need to decide on what technical characteristics of this device you need to pay

Installing the grid in the trunk do it yourself

The netting in the trunk of the car is a pleasant trifle that will be useful to any driver. This accessory will allow you to bring perfect order in the luggage compartment and not worry about the safety of the transported items. Content1 Grids for

Fm transmitter for cars: what it is, how it works

Information about what a transmitter for cars, will be most interesting to owners of cars produced 10 years ago and more. Most of these vehicles have outdated equipment by today's standards. In this connection it is necessary to improve some nodes or

Pinout socket car trailer

For transportation of relatively small oversized cargo, many motorists use car trailers. This method is quite convenient, as it requires the installation of a tow bar on the car and the removal of electrical contacts for the trailer. You need to know
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