Why do i need a tachograph in the car

The current Rules of the road oblige certain categories of vehicles in Russia to equip with additional accounting devices, which include tachographs. Not all drivers are positive about this idea, but they are obliged to observe traffic rules. The

How to set the alarm on the car

The safety of the car, especially the new one, is a very urgent problem of the modern car owner. There are several ways to protect a car, the most popular of which is the installation of an automatic alarm system on it. Installing an alarm in a

Do cilia on the lights

Развитие современных технологий привело к кардинальным изменениям в разных сферах. Исключением не стала и область автомобильной промышленности, в частности, современные достижения дали возможность автолюбителям тюнинговать свои машины собственными

What makes the engine tuning chip

They talk a lot about chip tuning. This topic is discussed in the press, on Internet forums and specialized sites, which indicates a great interest from motorists. However, much of the questions remain without proper attention. In the proposed

Installation and connection of the tow bar

Of course, everyone has different ways, but surely any person at least once in his life had to transport goods, move, pick up a crop from a summer house, but what else ... It's good when a truck is hidden in the garage for these purposes, and what to

Which jack is better for a car

A jack is an on-board tool needed to lift a load to a certain height. Situations that require a jack, arise very often, so it should always be at hand. Many motorists do not pay enough attention when choosing it, some are quite satisfied with the

Hand winch do it yourself

A great help in the garage is a handmade drum winch made with your own hands. It will be useful when moving oversized cargo, lifting weights, and even for pulling a car into an extreme situation. Such a device can be purchased at a building
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