Chinese launch of yudo brand new electric compact cross

Китайцы выводят на рынок новый электрический компакт-кросс марки Yudo In the People's Republic of China, a new start-up for the production of electric cars. The startup is extremely ambitious, since the plans of its managers are to conquer the global car market with electric cars that will have a decent power reserve on one filled gas tank, sorry, a charged battery. Unofficial photos of the first electric car park The new company has already appeared on the web. Before us is a compact brand crossover YudoThe prefix "Miracle" is immediately attached to the Russian consciousness, I must say, not without reason, since the car actually looks marvelous. The model has no official name yet, but there is a code designation. 01 . Chinese are going to represent it at the April Shanghai Auto Show. The front of the novelty designers obviously borrowed from Lexus, but this solution is clearly flawed, because electric carthere is no need for a front air intake, and in its place is some false-wall, plastic imitation of the grille, which in fact is not. In the design of the rear part of the body there is nothing at all original - the faceless pan-Asian stuffing into the design of cheap cars, and the poor color gamut of the model also simply screams that the company urgently needs to change designers.

The Chinese have not yet voiced the technical features of the new electric car. It is only known that on one charged battery  Yudo 01 runs up to three hundred and fifty kilometers of asphalt, and accelerates to about a hundred kilometers per hour in about ten seconds. In the Chinese car market this new electric car can already be seen towards the end of this year. At a later date, deliveries of these compact crossovers are planned to almost all continents of the world: these are Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Japan. The factory in which these cars will be mass-produced is still under construction. It is located in the town of Putian, in Fujian province. License to manufacture a car company Yudo Received just the other day.

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Brand Yudo, in addition to the 01 crossover, is going to produce another SUV, but more compact than that. It is also referred to as code marker A101. About him even less information than about Yudo 01. Китайцы выводят на рынок новый электрический компакт-кросс марки Yudo Company Yudo she chose the unpretentious English phrase “creating for change”, which literally translates into Russian as “creating change”. Most likely they were inspired by the ecological idea of ​​abandoning hydrocarbon fuel, which is gaining popularity all over the world today. And who knows, we cannot exclude the possibility that it is these new Chinese models that will conquer electric car market.

In addition to the company Yudo, the company called NEVS, which was revived on the wreckage of the recently bankrupt Swedish carmaker Saab, also plans to produce electric cars in China. The first “swallow” of this company will be the modernized Saab 9–3 electro-sedan, now referred to as NEVS 9–3.

By the way, there are quite a few such "electromobile" activities in China today, for example, the ecological transport was decided to be built recently by LeEco. However, she quickly squandered all the money allocated for this startup, but nevertheless continues to build a car factory, even without a license to manufacture cars.