German cars

Bugatti veyron - the legendary dream-car

Today a dream car came under our close attention, a dream car that you really want to have, or at least once for a ride on it. Bugatti Veyron is the most vivid personification of a dream, because this dream car costs a lot of money and has unreal

Audi s5 - fast and economical car

Of course, it is very unusual that the new Audi S5 in 2013 will be six years old, already the whole 6 years for the S5 model range. The most important thing is that this model is equipped with a 4.2-liter aspirated 8-cylinder engine. As far as power

The correct choice of audi a6 c4 used

Audi A6 C4 is a direct competitor to the Audi 100 as an ideal used car purchase, as these cars do not just belong to the same class, but even look almost like clones. But between the models there is a significant difference, which everyone should

Mercedes-benz c-class 2014: the first data appeared on the

The Mercedes Benz class C belongs to the category of rear-wheel drive sedan. The world premiere of the car took place in January 2014 in the city of Detroit.The manufacturer introduced the sedan brand, but promised to also release a hatchback car, a

Auto review of the new opel insignia 2017

The homeland of Count Dracula has become the site of a long-awaited test of the second generation of advanced Opel Insignia. The premiere show of a new generation of cars took place in March 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show. The flagship Opel received

Bmw i8 - cool supercar with futuristic design

The BMW i8 is the first hybrid supercar of BMW. Officially, the manufacturer introduced the serial model this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And the model is called a revolutionary machine.BMW i8 featuresThe length of the BMW i8 is 4689

All the pros and cons of the new bmw x4

If briefly try to describe BMW X4then this is a smaller version of the BMW X6 with a high level of equipment and a first-class selection of powertrains. Moreover, with regard to diesel engines, it is generally a separate conversation. In addition to

New porsche cayenne turbo s - sports suv

And today we have a new car from Germany, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, the second generation Cayenne. When the creators of Porsche set about creating the second generation Caen, they were faced with the task of not spoiling a good thing, not killing

Tuning audi a6 c5 do it yourself - look, photos, lights

Tuning the Audi A6 C5 is an important and sometimes necessary process faced by many owners of this car. The second generation Audi A6 on the C5 platform debuted in the spring of 1997. The design of the novelty came to taste to customers and became

Opel astra h with mileage in the secondary market, what to

Opel Astra H is commercially available for about 11 years, it is the most popular Astra in the Russian market. These cars, unlike earlier Opel not rot so quickly. But when a car is a serious age, it also has a lot of problems. Today let's talk about
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