Bmw i8 - cool supercar with futuristic design

The BMW i8 is the first hybrid supercar of BMW. Officially, the manufacturer introduced the serial model this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And the model is called a revolutionary machine.

BMW i8 features

BMW i8

The length of the BMW i8 is 4689 millimeters, height - 1293 millimeters, width - 1942 millimeters, wheelbase - 2800 millimeters. A sports car engineers built on an aluminum chassis, has a carbon monocoque, panels made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. The weight of the model is 1490 kilograms, and the coefficient of aerodynamic drag is 0.26.

bmw i8 specs

The hybrid supercar favorably highlights the futuristic design in the automotive world: the smooth curves of the body of the BMW i8 form the refined silhouette of a sports car. Its interior was created in the spirit of the BMW concept, where practicality is combined with modern design and successful ergonomics.

bmw i8 price

A 1.5-liter gasoline turbo engine that works with a pair of six-speed automatic located in the rear of the car body. The electric motor was placed in the front of the body, and the battery packs in the center of the aluminum frame. The 131-strong electric motor allows you to drive about thirty-five kilometers at a maximum possible speed of up to one hundred twenty kilometers per hour without being connected to a gasoline engine. If you want to travel a greater distance, then you can always turn on the gasoline engine, producing 231 horsepower. The first one hundred kilometers per hour car is gaining in 4.4 seconds.

The base cost of a BMW i8 in Europe is one hundred twenty-five thousand euros. The model will go on sale next year, and in Russia it will be possible to wait for it at the same time. Of course, the price of the BMW i8 is not at all low, 125,000 euros is not small money, you can buy a new Mercedes Gelendvagen for this money, the price of which starts from 85,000 euros. But it is clear that the Gelendvagen can not be compared with such a modern and beautiful car.

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BMW i8 Laser Headlights

bmw i8 photo

BMW i8 supercar is equipped with "laser" headlights. And their manufacturer offers as an option. He assures that they are seventy percent more powerful than their LED counterparts, providing a “clean white and very bright light that looks good”.

Unusual BMW i8 key

bmw i8

In the BMW i8 key, the manufacturer has mounted a high-resolution display, which displays the remaining power reserve, charge level, charging time, distance to the nearest charging station. The data on which battery is used in the device and how to charge it - via the USB connector or the driver will be available wireless charging. Along with high-tech chips in the key left and the iron rod, which allows you to unlock the car and start the engine.

Finally, we recommend to watch the video with a test drive BMW i8, which, for sure, will allow you to make a decision about buying a supercar.