Ways to combat fogging glasses in the car


How to deal with fogging in the car windows

Fogging is an aggravating factor in the process of direct driving. In order to deal with this problem, it is necessary to identify the primary cause of the formation of excess moisture on the surfaces and find the most effective means of fogging the car windows.

Misted windshield may cause an accident.

Misted windshield may cause an accident.

Causes of condensation

Why glass can mist up? There are good reasons for this, substantiated mainly by ordinary physical processes. Most often, the condensate on the windows is collected in the winter season, when the air temperature outside is extremely low.

The primary foregoing fogging factors are:

  1. Significant difference between the temperature of the air in the cabin and on the street. Inside the car is always warmer and wetter than in the external environment. In this regard, excess moisture in the cabin is condensed on the cold windows. So is fogging.
  2. Increased humidity of the fabric interior elements. When the heating is turned on, excess moisture from the carpets or passenger seats evaporates and settles on the windows.
  3. Alcohol vapors in the air. Alcohol, drunk by passengers in honor of a holiday, is gradually released in the process of breathing. Alcohol vapors absorb moisture from the air. Formed water droplets settle on car windows.

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Anti-condensation and improved visibility

In order for the car windows to remain transparent, it is important to know how to deal with fogging of glasses. For this, a number of tools and effective modern techniques are proposed.

Rating ways and means to combat fogging car windows:

  1. Using different modes of the built-in climate system
  2. Application of specialized anti-foggers
  3. Pasting windows with condensation inhibiting film
  4. Interior drying
  5. Checking ventilation valves
  6. Folk methods of dealing with misted glass
  7. Reduced conversations during the trip


In most modern vehicles, among other pleasures of the motorist, there is a system "climate control"forming microclimatic features inside the cabin for a feeling of complete comfort by the driver and passengers. By activating the mode of blowing windows, you can achieve a quick warm-up and dry, thereby getting rid of the formation of condensate. As you know, air conditioning also leads to a significant decrease in humidity. This can also help in solving the problem. If the system of forming an artificial climate does not cope with the task, it is necessary to pay attention to the functioning of the cabin filter. It may already require replacement.

You can fight with condensate on the windows with the help of specially developed means (napkins, liquids, aerosols). They are sold in many auto shops. The effect of these autocosmetic innovations is aimed at adjusting the properties of surface tension. When they are used on the glasses, an imperceptible film is formed on which the sedimenting droplets of water roll down and do not lie in a blurring layer. The solution should be applied to the washed, but dry surface. To resort to the help of such drugs is possible at the slightest need.

Special wipes for cleaning windows

Special wipes for cleaning windows

Many drivers who do not have extra funds, have learned to deal with the formation of condensate with the help of available tools. The most commonly practiced application on the glass solution consisting of glycerin and alcohol in the ratio of 1:10. Alcohol has a degreasing effect and prevents the appearance of stains. You can also try to wipe the windows of the car with sheets of unnecessary newspaper. Offset paint contributes to the formation on the surface of the same film as when using specialized sprays. For the same purpose, and use tobacco.

A long time to save the driver from the problem of fogging windows can only anti-fogging film. They are applied to the surface in the same way as tinting material. Pasting is easiest to produce with the help of professionals.

Special film protects cars from fogging and cracking

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Excessive moisture in the cabin is the primary cause of condensation on cold surfaces. This process can be reduced by thoroughly drying the foot mats and passenger seats. The fogging of the glasses in the car in many cases is due to poor sealing of the cabin, which is caused by the wear of the seal.

The phenomenon of condensation of a liquid can start even people sitting in a car. To avoid this, it is not recommended to actively talk with each other until the cabin is fully heated.

Condensate on glass

Condensate on glass

Poor functioning of the drain holes and ventilation valves lead to disturbances in the ventilation and air conditioning systems. Systematic testing of these mechanisms will prevent the formation of excess moisture in the cabin of the car.

In the absence of visible reasons for misting windows, the owner of the car should pay attention to the cooling system of the power unit. When you notice faults, the most appropriate way out will be contacting the service center.

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Condensate on the windows of a vehicle is a phenomenon that every motorist, no doubt, met. However, you should not underestimate it. Fogging on the windows indicates a violation of the visibility and visibility of the driver, which may lead to an emergency on the road. An adequate solution to this issue is the responsibility of every road user.