What kind of cars do americans prefer?


In 2016, 17.5 million more cars were sold in the United States than in 2015. Активный рост продаж продолжается и в 2017. Нами были определены самые популярные авто в США – те, которые получили наибольшее количество восторженных откликов от своих хозяев.

Car brands for Americans

Читать далее о самых популярных машинах в США-->Интересно, что лидерские позиции занимают пикапы Chevrolet, Ford и Ram. Для нашего рынка, может быть, это довольно «дико», тем не менее, американцы так не думают.

Rating of the most popular cars in the USA

The first place in this ranking went to the Ford F-150 pickup. Note that the car confidently kept in the lineup of the first for the past several years. Literally in one year, 733 thousand were sold.

Not far behind, and Chevrolet Silverado, which is the main competitor of the first in the ranking of cars. Over the year, more than 520,000 such models were sold.

Ram - the car which owners for a year became 442 thousand people closes the three of the best cars in the USA.

The Toyota Camry got an honorable place in this rating. The car deserved the attention of 355,000 customers for its charming appearance, exquisite design, dynamics, efficiency and a high level of reliability.

Car Toyota Camry

In the middle of the list is the Toyota Corolla - the most popular car in the world, however, not the first in the American rating. During the year, 335,000 of these models were sold in the United States.

The favorite of many Honda Civic is sent to sixth place in the list. Actively picks up the pace of sales. Over the year, more than 335 thousand people became happy owners of the Honda Civic.

Honda CR-V is the most popular crossover in the world. The number of its sales per year is 320 thousand.

And again, Toyota (well, it really hurts the Americans like this brand), but this time the RAV4 model. During the year, these models were sold 315 thousand.

The Honda Accord is on the second last place in this ranking. This is a sedan, whose happy owners are 311,000 US residents.

rav4 best selling car

This list closes the Nissan X-Trail, known as the Rogue crossover, which 290,000 Americans rush to different destinations.

As you have already seen, Americans value not prestige in cars, but the level of convenience, ease of maintenance, and also economy.

At this most popular cars in the United States do not end there. Americans are often interested in the most popular collectible cars, a list of which we have already prepared.

Most popular collectible cars

Ford Mustang - it is this vehicle of various year of manufacture that is most interested in residents of various states of America.

Ford Mustang

Chevrolet Impala came in second. Of the 50 states, 7 are most often searched.

Third place went to the Honorable Camaro - they are most often interested in five states.

Not too far behind him Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Thunderbird - cars that lead the search queries in 3 states of America.

Non american brand Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, which more than interests the inhabitants of this continent, is a Mercedes-Benz, namely the 250SE.

As statistics show, American residents do not mind to drive "with the wind" on the Mustang. Over the year, over 4 million requests for this machine were made.

Also in the US market minivans of the German company Volkswagen are highly valued. Over 240 thousand residents of the United States of America wanted to buy collectible cars of this company.

Now you know what the most popular cars in the United States. Should you follow the preferences of overseas residents - this is your own business. In any case, choosing a car, guided solely by personal wishes. Nevertheless, we hope that the lists of the most popular cars (including collectible ones) offered by us will help you to make the right choice!