Features of the choice of xenon lamps for the car


Bad weather or nighttime significantly reduce the level of ease of movement due to poor visibility. Xenon lamps can solve this problem. In this article we will tell you how not to make a mistake when buying and what you should pay attention to.

What xenon is better to put on the car

Nuances of choosing xenon for a car.

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Types of xenon and technical characteristics

Lighting devices differ in the type of xenon, power, temperature and base of the lamp. After reviewing the technical characteristics, you can determine for yourself which xenon is better, without the help of sellers (who do not always want to sell a quality product).

Xenon type

If in your car for the supply of low and high beam meets the same lamp, buy biksenon. If different lamps are responsible for low / high beam, you need xenon. Remember that if you install a simple xenon in the first case, the high beam in your car will not.

Lamp base

This is the metal part of the lamp. To find the correct size of the base, you need to unscrew the old light bulb or find out this information in the service book of your vehicle.

Lamp temperature

It is this topic that is most often discussed when motorists choose xenon. Measured temperature in Kelvin. In this case, it is worthwhile to decide: beauty or quality. More precisely, what is more important to you: a beautiful appearance of the car or high-quality light, well illuminating the road. The higher the temperature, the worse the luminous flux.

  • light at 3000 Kelvin is close to a yellowish tinge;
  • 4300 K indicator has a golden glow (has a high luminous flux index), it is often found on machines with factory xenon;
  • 5000 K - beautiful white color;
  • 6000 Kelvin is a great choice for those who want to stand out in a crowd, shade is white-blue;
  • 8000 K - bluish light;
  • 10,000 - 12,000 Kelvin - will appreciate the shade of manganese and purple light.

The best lighting of the road can boast lamps with the following temperature regime: 4300, 5000, and 6000 Kelvin. Their cold white or white-yellow light will provide high-quality lighting and at the same time will not blind the drivers of oncoming cars. Lamps from 6000 to 12000 are more suitable for vehicle decoration. You should not expect high-quality lighting from them. Their “color range” varies from blue to violet-lilac. Nevertheless, what kind of xenon to choose, it is up to everyone to decide on their own, based on personal wishes and preferences.

Lamp color temperature

Lamp power

This is another indicator that should be considered when choosing xenon lamps. There are models with 35W and 50W. The lower the watt, the more economical the lamp and the better the light output. Note that the factory installed in the car lamps with 55W and more. The intensity of their luminous flux is 1550 lm. 35W xenon will please with intense light up to 3500 lm.

Advantages and disadvantages of xenon

The advantages include:

  • long service life (three times more than usual “halogen”);
  • shine much brighter than halogen "brethren";
  • they are not afraid of vibration, which is not the case with halogens;
  • light border is much clearer;
  • differ in lower temperature of heating;
  • long warranty period (at least one year).

Using Xenon Bulbs


  • installation difficulty;
  • quite high cost;
  • Sometimes traffic police officers try to make the installation of these lamps illegal by comparing them with the installation of strobe lights. Although there is no such article that would prohibit movement with xenon lamps.

Which brand to give preference

Making a rating, we proceeded from the wishes of car owners, brand popularity, quality, reliability and duration of lamp use:

MTF-Light Slim Line

Enjoys great popularity among car enthusiasts. By right takes the first place in the rating. They are distinguished by a high level of quality as well as reliability. Note that the kits are not fake, that is, you can be sure that you have the original. The reject rate is very low, at 1%. There are drawbacks - this is a rather high price in comparison with competitors. The average cost is 5500 rubles.

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MTF-Light Slim Line 35 MSP Noise Canceling

No different in quality and reliability from the first. It has a wire with noise reduction - can be useful in eliminating interference on the radio or parking sensors. In this case, the same minus is the price. The cost is 5900 rubles

Optima ARX304

Can boast a high level of quality. Ignition blocks they have the 5th generation. Pleased with a nice price. Disadvantages: the marriage rate is higher than the first two. It is recommended to change them once a year and a half. The price is 3300 rubles.

Optima ARX304

Matrix light

The main advantage is relatively low cost. Will delight the ignition blocks of the 5th generation. The quality is not bad, above average. It is recommended to replace once a year (500 rub. Piece). The cost of a set of 3200 rubles.

Matrix light


The manufacturer has proven itself in the market. Lamps and units have a high level of quality. Pleased with a pleasant price, as well as the lack of fakes. The disadvantages include fragility. On average, they will serve two years. The cost is 2500 rubles.


Chaumet Slim

They are distinguished by a pleasant price, as well as the 5th generation ignition units. The disadvantages include fragility (over the course of a year they will have to change). Also on the market there are fakes of these products. The set will cost 2800 rubles.

Chaumet Slim


Enjoys incredibly great popularity in Russia. Differs in low cost, but at the same time high reliability of blocks. The quality of the lamps is above average. Often fake. The ignition blocks are thick. You need to change once a year. Price - 2500 rubles.


Silver Star Slim

The kit will appreciate the high level of reliability. Blocks of ignition of the fifth level. There are fakes. They will not last long - about two years. The cost is 3500 rubles.

Silver Star Slim

Optical Slim 9-32V ARX 302

Suitable for freight vehicles. Mtf-light identical (except for connectors). Frequent interruptions in availability. Pretty high cost. The price is 4800 rubles.

Optical Slim 9-32V ARX 302


The main advantage is the high Japanese quality. Cons: more than overpriced. The price is 34,000 rubles.


Well, hopefully, the article will allow you to decide which xenon is better to put on the car. Have a good choice!