Hernia on the wheel, the cause of

The cause of the hernia on the wheel can be completely different factors. At its core, when a hernia appears, there is a rupture of the cords, which serve as reinforcement inside the tire. When the threads break, the pressure inside the cylinder begins to squeeze the rubber out. As a result, a lump appears from the outer part of the tire, which can be barely noticeable at first, but soon it will turn into a real “tumor”, which is almost impossible to get rid of. It is extremely dangerous to use such rubber, as when driving, the tire can simply explode, leading, sometimes irreparable consequences.

The most common cause of a hernia on a wheel is that a car’s wheel gets into a deep hole at high speed. As a result, the rubber is compressed so much that the rim of the wheel simply cuts the cord threads.

Another reason - the cut side of the cylinder. It happens that the tire "hits" on sharp stones or metal objects. Sometimes the tire may break on the sharp edges of the ice on a snowy road or overcoming frozen puddles at a decent speed. Also, a hernia on the wheel may appear in the event of an accident, when a blow falls on the wheel. In any case, the bump appears only if the inner cord is damaged or destroyed, and the reinforcing threads have lost their rigidity. When a hernia appears, it will not be possible to restore the full geometry and wheel rigidity. And the ride becomes very dangerous.

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What can happen while driving with a wheel on which a hernia

In this case, the complete imbalance of the wheel begins. The driver can feel the beating even through the steering column. With such a beating, the destruction of the wheel bearing is absolutely 100%. In addition, almost all suspension elements are affected. A complete rupture of the tire can occur during emergency braking, fast acceleration or a long drive at high speed. Driving off-road on a damaged wheel can be much more dangerous than on asphalt. The tire can burst at any time if it falls into a hole or hit a bump.

 Hernia on the wheel what to do

The most correct decision is to stop driving, stop and put a spare tire. If there is no spare wheel, then move to the nearest tire store at minimum speed. If the hernia wheel is on the front axle, do not be lazy and move it to the rear axle. In this case, with the explosion of the wheel, you can at least control the road to a complete stop of the car. In the workshop they will tell you for sure whether it is possible to “cure this disease” or not. Repair of such a defect is quite simple, but completely ineffective. So ka all wheel geometry is completely broken.

Can I ride a wheel with a small hernia?

In theory, this can be done, but the wheel should periodically pass a visual inspection. Make sure the bump does not grow. Do not load the car completely, the pressure in the wheel from the load will only increase the hernia in size. It is not recommended to use a hernia wheel on the front axle of the car.

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