Audi 100 c4: advantages and disadvantages of a used car

Among the classic dream cars from the 90s, one can be distinguished, perhaps, that was, is, and still is popular. It will be about Audi 100 C4, which will form the basis of the A6 - a large front-wheel drive sedan, which is still used and sold. Will the car work for another couple of decades? What is the probability to find a "working" copy? Let's talk about this in more detail.

Audi 100 photo

A few words about the problems in general

Few years old Audi 100 C4 for some reason did not particularly cherish. Basically, the BMW E34 and Mercedes W124 fell into the hands of wealthy owners, and therefore lived a long and happy century, which cannot be said about the Audi 100. Due to their low cost and the lesser prestige of the "weave" became the possession of not very thrifty drivers.

Many suffered a bad fate: in spite of the fact that the car body could still maintain the appearance of the car for another 10-15 years, its filling was completely gone. That is why, even now, owners often face various kinds of problems and failures. However, such cars can be brought back to life with the help of volumetric and systemic donor assistance.

The origin and design of the car

Mid-size Audi appeared on the market when these cars were developed under the brand name DKW, owned by Daimler-Benz. Prestige and image of the car constantly increased. Audi 100/200 C3, which existed even before the appearance of our main character, in every possible way tried to earn popularity and blow up the automobile market, releasing cars with a V8 engine and the presence of all-wheel drive.

Audi 100 1991

A8 is not even worth mentioning - medium-sized cars with powerful engines didn’t fit for that at all. However, C3 has become quite popular, and even the scandals with its security could not destroy its success.

Surprisingly, the space frame of the C3 is the basis of the body of the Audi 100 C4 and A6 C4. Naturally, the design has been significantly modified to increase the convenience and increase driver safety, but their "relationship" is still obvious. The Audi 100 C4 tuning touched not only the appearance of the car, but also its filling. Body rigidity was enhanced, and the Procon-Ten system was a complete substitute for airbags and belt pretensioners. Its peculiarity is that the motor communicates with the steering column and front seat belts. In the event of an accident, the steering wheel disappeared in the dashboard, and the belts were automatically tensioned due to the movement of the motor in case of damage to the body.

The car was also equipped with an optional all-wheel drive Quattro, with differential locks and a fairly large selection of engines such as the V8 4.2 and the well-known fives with supercharged. However, the demand touched only simple atmospheric engines for 2.0 and 2.3 liters up to 150 liters. with.

photo Audi 100 C4

Audi developers have improved body protection against corrosion, so that the "weaving" could really boast of its reliability and durability. Models A6 - and C5 and C6, released later, have become more expensive and difficult to maintain. Sometimes their cost was unreasonably high due to the availability of DSG and TFSI multitronics.

It was the simple equipment of the old Audi 100 that made them so reliable and durable. The automatic climate control, air conditioning and even electric windows in the "weave" 100-137 hp in some cases could not even be involved. However, the option indicating the pressure of the oil and its temperature was found in many models - this was not surprising.

High-quality body, inexpensive parts and good maintainability have made this car popular in Eastern Europe, and these cars have only recently disappeared from view. It is not surprising that the resource is not eternal, and there is absolutely no point in changing some of the nodes due to the low residual price of the car. To date, the Audi 100 has begun to go into the shadows, but the likelihood of a ride on it with the wind still exists.

Audi 100 tuning

Body repair

Everyone knows that the Audi 100 C4 is renowned for its excellent galvanization, covered with a thick colored layer of zinc. However, time takes its toll, and the protective layers gradually begin to collapse. The most vulnerable places are seams and points with accumulations of dirt. Weakened welds of the thresholds and the rear part of the body, as well as worn or digested welded joints under the hood can be found even in fairly decent cars. This happens because the galvanization evaporates during welding, and if the sealant is also damaged, the moisture that has penetrated into the seam destroys it over time.

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Regular anti-corrosion treatment and the renewal of a damaged varnish coating on an obsolete body will help preserve the beautiful appearance of the car. Rust-covered front fenders do not indicate the overall condition of the car, but rather the financial situation of the driver. If possible, they are periodically replaced. Unsuccessful locker accumulates dirt, and therefore the wings quickly rot on the edge. Much more often it is necessary to change the thresholds, just once there having collected water or dirt. It is good if this is not the so-called “samopal” containing volgovy spare parts (such “kolkhozing” occurs quite often).

Audi 100 2,3

The seams of the engine compartment and the niches under the windshield need to pay close attention, because possible malfunctions can disable the machine. Repair of floors and thresholds is not difficult, but the restoration of the seams of the engine shield and roof racks may require a lot of effort and remain unsuccessful. The rusting trunk and rear arches are classic cases of corrosion.

When buying a car should be carefully examined. If the seller denies this and claims that Audi does not rust, then boldly turn around and leave. External panels can sometimes look perfect, but at the same time, the seams diverge and the car will need repair. Without painting the body, "overcooking" will not require large expenditures, but its geometry may be disrupted and cause several more new corrosion centers. Therefore, this should not be neglected.

No need to skimp on body repair, as this can lead to unpleasant consequences. With inexpensive repairs often forget about the quality of sealant and stripping, and low-quality bituminous mixtures are used for anti-corrosion treatment. Before buying, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the work performed, as well as to check the condition of the seams on both sides. The Audi 100 is an example of how old and time-tested iron can be better than the new Chinese, as often spare parts from South European cars remain practically new for many years.

Audi 100 2,3 фото

By the way, many cars are assembled from various parts or have problems with legality. Despite the fact that at that time the massive and inexpensive Passat B3 was very popular, "weave" was often subjected to theft. There were a lot of illegal cars, and therefore it was necessary to be on the alert, registering cars with “inserts” or with expertise. If the honesty of the seller was subject to the slightest doubt, then the bargaining ended at that moment. Spare parts were an expensive pleasure, and therefore dismantling the car would not pay for the purchase. Machines with welded panels and interrupted numbers were more than enough. Over the past decade, their number has diminished, but does not insure anything from purchasing a car with a “surprise”.

Age changes do not allow to see any special problems with the body. Spare parts to get is not so easy: body parts are generally more expensive than the car itself. But if you try, you can get them. Find a good used item is quite possible at an affordable price. Wings, doors, bumpers and headlights Audi 100 C4 is much easier to find - there are a lot of different colors. There will be no problems with the filling and glasses.

Vehicle condition

The cabin of the car can be both in fair condition and a real pigsty. It all depends on the former owner. The good news is that finding all the items on the audi c4 tuning is easy. If the plans do not have leather salons with electric drives, then all this will cost you almost nothing. Here everything is done “for centuries”, and therefore there should not be serious difficulties. You may have to face a clogged radiator stove, leaking pipes with valves, engine heater failures and flying rods. Only automatic climate control can cause problems, if it is available of course.

audi a100 c4 salon

Cracked plastic from the sun dashboard needs skintight skin, to restore its previous appearance. There is always a risk that something else will crack. Obviously, anything can break, but fortunately this does not happen so often. Replacements require worn buttons, blown bulbs, worn gearbox covers and a “handbrake”, as well as torn and soiled floor carpet.

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Locks and windows can also fail, which is not surprising for an old car. To restore the cabin you will need hands, a couple of buckets of soapy water, fantasy, and knowledge of cheap showdowns nearby. And although the chances are small, but you can buy a collection car. They have plenty of fans, and sometimes they still sell cars in good condition. However, consider the Audi C4 specifications and do not forget about the risk of purchasing a “designer”.

salon audi 100 c4

Electrical equipment

What about the electric car at the age of 20? Save money and get ready to replace the starter, generator, sensors, as well as to restore the wiring, if no one has done this before you. There may also be problems with optics: the audi c4 headlights, connectors, reflectors and glasses will need to be replaced. In addition, you should pay attention to the electric door and their wiring, heated mirrors, windows, seats and microswitches.

It will not be difficult to buy everything individually, but everything in the mass will require a decent amount of money from you, and if you don’t do it yourself, it’s much easier to get a loan. It is very important to correlate your desires with opportunities. Any "weaving" will have more than a dozen problems to be solved. Fortunately, most of them are not significant. The Audi 100 electrical system is more complicated than the Zhiguli, however, it does not perform the main functions, and it is repaired quite simply.

Audi 100 c4 photo gallery

Serious problems are the control systems for the injection of petrol engines, the banal limitations of the self-diagnosis systems of old cars and the greed of the owners. Often, Chinese sensors, high-voltage wires and relays can also fail. There are very few specialists in this field, and therefore they will have to be searched.

Flow meters of various types, including electrical and mechanical, are in particular deficit. In view of the mass character, problems are solved very seriously. For the well-known "fives" 2,3E, you can purchase the Invent-Jetronic cooperative injection control system, which can replace the standard one in problem areas.

However, it will cost about the same as a used car, and if there is a desire to drive, then you can put money on it. The control system can be put on four-cylinder engines, but a more suitable update for them is the VAZ “January”, or the replacement of the flow meter and all sensors with “Winners sensors”. They are also factory products, allow the operation of standard sensors VAZ and GAS instead of the TPS, flow meter and others. Similar products exist for Digifant, KE — Jetronic and more modern Motronic injection systems from Bosch. The cost goes everywhere, but sometimes it is the best option that only requires installation.

Brakes, suspension and steering

Audi 100 C4

The main unpleasant Audi C4 characteristics of an old car are its wear and the consequences of careless maintenance. Replacement of calipers in the assembly due to damaged fittings and broken threads is quite likely. Usually, the system wears out almost completely, and the probability of detecting non-Chinese parts is very small. The tubes are rotting, and on the ABS car the supply of blocks gradually ends.

After purchasing a car, there are already many problems, so when inspecting, be extremely careful. Usually, the braking system due to age is subject to frequent poor-quality changes. Often you can find carved ABS, as well as broken handbrake. After recovery, the braking system is no longer powerful enough for a large sedan.

Suspension is a model of reliability and simplicity. From behind we can see the beam, and from the front - classic MacPherson with some tricks. For the lateral stability meets the front arm-stretching, which is not an ideal solution from the point of view of the resource of its sleeves, but it looks quite aesthetically.

The only enemy is time. Parts, in fact, cost practically nothing, and the “native” resource, as was said, was more than one hundred thousand kilometers. However, now it’s not even worth talking about a resource, since cheap Chinese parts are currently used. If everything is well thought out, then the suspension will not cause any problems.

Audi 100 C4 photo

By the way, you should not argue that the machine is rolling, you just need to use new shock absorbers, and not ride old ones. Suspension is responsible for both handling and comfort. Problems with rut and knocks are usually the result of a service style. If the style of service and spare parts are good, then the car will be able to please with excellent stability on the straight, and complete silence inside the cabin.

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The steering is no surprise. For Audi / VW of those years rotting of the tubes and leakage of tubes after runs of 200-300 thousand are typical. Power steering pumps start to fail due to dirty oil and its low level. The repair itself will be inexpensive, but compared to the cost of the car, the amount will be decent. However, this applies to any Audi 100 C4 tuning. Repair of the body, interior, work on the brakes and suspension of used cars with the cheapest parts will be 40-60 thousand rubles. At first glance, the amount is not so big, if you do not take into account that this is a third or half of the cost of the car. Therefore, there are so many old cars on the roads, the place of which has long been in a landfill.

What about motors?

Due to the special layout of the Audi 100, the cooling system is extremely compact and unstable to dirt. Since the “native” parts of the road cooling system, pollution and leaks are frequent C4 satellites.

Audi A100 engine

Most cars require a change of the main radiator and stove radiator, parts of hoses, and sometimes even pumps. If you do not talk about changing the antifreeze and cleaning the system from scale. In electric fans and viscous coupling the wear is almost maximum, the work of the sensors leaves much to be desired. Both temperature sensors and pressure sensors with oil and motor control systems fail.

For Audi C4 some difficulties with a control system and an electric part of motors are characteristic. The best are the Audi C4 2,3 engines, but the rest are also not very good. Sometimes the system is replaced by a new one from the WHA, sometimes its elements are also replaced.

At the same time, the motors and attachments perfectly amenable to repair: everything is clear, easy and accessible. Without any difficulty, you can remove and check both the heater fan and the motor itself. However, the replacement of the timing and access to the front cover of the motor need to translate the front panel to the position of service or removal, and these are the Audi C4 characteristics until today.

But the total wear is again maximum, and therefore the new car owner will need a full-fledged Audi C4 tuning - from attachments to engine mounts and wiring. Oil leakage under the hood - not the worst that can happen, in any case, this is a great anticorrosive. But because of this, the plastic expansion tank collapses, connectors and wiring.

The most reliable Audi C4 engines are two-liter fours with eight valves, which is quite justified. The simplest and cheapest to maintain are mono-injected AAE and AAD and ABK engines with distributed injection. In addition, the single injection system is much simpler and does not require certain modifications. AAD with KE-Motronic is rather weak and has a very complex control system. On ABK, the Digifant injection is more modern and reliable.

Audi 100 C4 2.3

The advantages of a single injection are that it works well with good temperature and absolute pressure sensors, no drips, and clean nozzles. The cost of all elements is fairly affordable, and diagnostics are carried out without problems.

As for the distributed continuous injection, it is a "scarecrow" for this car. You can meet him not only at 2.0, but with the widely used AAR 2.3 engine. Reliable electro-hydraulic system with the simplest "shovel" needed only high-quality fuel, but the first ten years worked quite well. Today, it is difficult to find a fully working system. In the old systems, there is insufficient traction in various modes, uneven idling and poor starting. In addition, the fuel consumption is very large.

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