New mercedes gle w167 - 2018 mercedes gle w167: technical

Approximately in June 2018, official sales of a new generation of Mercedes-style mid-size off-road SUVs of the GLE W167 will start in Russia (picture below). The appearance of the Mercedes GLA W167 has become more elegant, the interior is more comfortable, and on road performance the car will give odds to most European and Asian competitors of the same price category.

Photo: new Mercedes GLE W167 2018

Photo: new Mercedes GLE W167 2018

Interestingly, until recently, the GLE SUVs had another name - M-klasse. This designation was used from 1997 to 2005 (during the release of the first generation of machines). In the future, one more letter was added to the name, and the cars officially began to belong to the class ML. The reason for renaming is claims filed by lawyers of another German giant (BMW), who previously patented the use of the initial letter M for his own lineup.

The second change of name, which occurred in 2015, along with another restyling, brought the elite off-road vehicle to the finally well-established name - GLE (Geländewagen Lang E-Klasse, an extended class E-SUV). Since then, nothing has changed, and it is unlikely in the near future marketers Mercedes again think about re-naming.

The new Mercedes GLE W167 2018 (photo below) is the best choice for a car enthusiast who needs to move around the city or across rough terrain. Despite the sophisticated, exceptionally status appearance, the SUV will easily overcome any obstacles while keeping the driver and passengers safe.

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