Why the immobilizer does not see the key and what to do

A large number of electronics in the car is not in all cases to his advantage. Even protective devices installed in the car to protect the car from theft can block the actions of the car owner. Such actions sometimes happen with electronic ignition keys. Therefore, the driver of a modern vehicle needs to know what to do if the immobilizer does not see the key.

Without a positive reaction from this electronic device, it will not be possible to start the engine, as it is used to block the main engine starting systems. The electronic module has the ability to start only in a pair with a key. Access will open only after reading and in case of coincidence of all codes.

What is the principle of operation

To understand the possible faults, you need to know the structure of the immobilizer system from the inside. Separate system designs allow the engine to start without an electronic device, even if the intruder has penetrated inside the cabin, however, the engine will be short-lived. After that, the main systems responsible for fuel supply, ignition and complete shutdown of electricity in the car are blocked.

what should the driver do if the immobilizer does not see the key

A set must always contain at least three elements of this security system:

  • The electronic unit. He is responsible for receiving / transmitting signals. If the key receives the correct electronic code, then all the nodes are unlocked to start the machine.
  • Relay. There may be several such elements, and they are located in the nodes responsible for supplying fuel to the cylinders or the electrical system's operability. Electrical relays receive commands from the ECU.
  • Key, equipped with a built-in unit with a microcircuit. Without it, it will not be possible to activate the work of all vehicle systems.

what to do if the immobilizer does not see the key

With the new car is a special device, with which the programming / reprogramming is performed at the initial stage of the electronic unit. You also need to know that each immobilizer provides a secret special buttonWith the help of which a temporary shutdown of the system is allowed. Its location is known only to the car owner, and it is used only in case of unforeseen malfunctions.

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Necessary actions in case of breakage

The driver may have problems either with the key or with the electronic unit (the rarer version of the malfunction). First you need to figure out why the immobilizer does not see the key.

why immobilizer does not see the key

In such situations, resort to one of the following ways to solve the problem:

  1. When the electronics do not want to work with your key, then need to use duplicate. During programming of the system, two keys are usually made. One is used by the main driver, and the second is by another family member or is at home as a reserve. In most cases, this option is the most effective.
  2. If there is no second key or it is unavailable for some reason, then you need to use service services. Employees will be able to reprogram the control unit to “acquaint” the key with the device again. The driver must know the special PIN code issued by the system manufacturer once.
  3. Costly event will be purchase immobilizer crawler. In this case, a special device is used that emulates the master key. If desired, the crawler is made independently. This will take time and materials.
  4. You can often meet banal receiving antenna failure. The situation arises due to damaged or weak contact. The problem is solved by elementary cleaning of the connecting nodes. However, such situations are signals that it is necessary to conduct a general prevention of the system.

If these solutions do not work, then you need to contact third-party specialists. At the same time, their services are often quite expensive.