Where is the date of manufacture on the battery?

The quality of any product is influenced by its production time. The fresher a product is, the longer its working period will be. These statements are fully applicable to the automotive battery. However, not all drivers know where the battery date is marked. However, it can be applied in different ways at different manufacturers.


  • 1 General knowledge
  • 2 Modern European Marking
  • 3 German labeling from Bosch and Varta
  • 4 Mutlu batteries
  • 5 Product from "Vesta"
  • 6 Volumetric batteries

General knowledge

Modern domestic and foreign manufacturers strive to provide information to their customers about manufactured goods. This is due to the fact that the batteries have a certain useful life.

The consumer should be aware that a battery manufactured according to international standards, which is stored in a retail outlet or in a warehouse in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer, has a limited lifespan.

For each type of power supply has its own time interval:

  • refillable type - up to 36 months;
  • dry charged items - 24 months;
  • unattended - 60 months.

where is the battery release date marking

Accordingly, knowing where the date of manufacture is on the battery, you can read it and determine the degree of suitability of the goods offered. You should not take a product that has a critical time in the near future.

Modern European Marking

On the domestic stalls you can find a large number of batteries from Europe. This is due to the abundance of cars from the Old World. Also, Russian cars can use these types of power supplies.

Manufacturing companies for this region, as a rule, do not print on the title labels a significant amount of technical data on the product. This is due to the fragility of such labeling. In most cases, manufacturers apply various engravings in various ways. Every year the technique is becoming more perfect.

where is the date of manufacture on a foreign battery

Includes battery labeling year of manufacture and other data. The most commonly used simplifying codes in different formats. Both alphabetic and numeric encryption can be used. The manufacturer selects an individual method independently.

German labeling from Bosch and Varta

In all countries where there are official representatives of German automotive brands, it is easy to detect trademarks offering all kinds of consumables. These include batteries from Varta. Decoding the date of manufacture of the battery involves reading the alphanumeric designation mounted on the housing cover.

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What is the date of issue of the battery

Warta manufacturers use a certain number of characters, which depends on the production date. An example is a product released earlier in 2014, where information is written in the following form:

  • the fourth character is the year of release;
  • The following two characters are reserved for marking the month;
  • Seventh and eighth places are two date signs.

It is important to know that before 2013, color gradation was involved in Varta. The sticker from the factory had a colored circle. The quarter in which the battery was produced depended on its hue.

In Bosch, a more simplified type of coding was used when compared to “Warta”. The manufacturer set the year of manufacture in two areas:

  • cover - the most prominent place;
  • front panel - noticeable information in the side view.

There are only three digits in “Bosch” - first the month is indicated, and then two characters of the year. Since 2014, both companies from Europe have taken care to unify their designations. This is done to make it easier for customers to read the data.

The exact date is included in the marking blocks from the fourth to the sixth. First indicate the year, then the month. Special information spreadsheets help ease understanding.

Mutlu batteries

Turkish products are very popular among Russian motorists. This is noticeable in the high sales of the Mutlu brand. The brand is engaged in the release of automotive products, including spare parts and all kinds of accessories.

where is the date of manufacture on the battery

Deciphering the date of production of the battery is not difficult, since it can be found in the main label of reliable and affordable batteries. The manufacturer applies the six-digit code:

  • the code begins with the designation of the product model;
  • the second digit helps to understand the year of release of the goods;
  • month is hidden in the fourth and third signs;
  • the last two characters are the date.

Accordingly, if on the purchased Mutlu battery there is a set in the form of 350315, then it is easy to understand for dedicated buyers. The factory left the goods on March 15, 2015. It is worth considering that a similar set of characters is found not only in this brand. They are also used by manufacturers of similar products, for example, Topla, TAB or others.

Product from "Vesta"

Brand Vesta is of Ukrainian origin. Manufacturers also import their goods to neighboring countries. At the same time, products in the domestic and foreign markets are labeled in the same way.

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It is easy to find icons relating to the release date, as they are traditionally mounted on the front side and on the lid where the factory sticker is attached. There is some difference in battery coding for different vehicles.

where is the decryption of the battery production date

Subcompact and passenger car get a battery that has two sets of numbers. The first consists of 4 characters, the second - of six. The four-digit marking includes general information about who was involved in the product release, battery specifications and other information. The second part indicates the temporary parameters relating to the release of goods.

The six-digit part is interpreted as follows:

  • two initial digits are responsible for the year;
  • followed by a pair, behind which is hidden a month;
  • the last pair is the date.

It is enough to remember once the order established by the manufacturer, after which there will be no problems with reading the parameters.

Bulk Battery

Large and capacious batteries are used mainly by trucks and buses. The main buyers of such accessories are often entrepreneurs. The manufacturer slightly corrects the marking on such products so that it differs from products for passenger cars.

Often the date marking consists of eight-digit numbers. In them on the 4th and 5th positions is the year of release. The 7th digit corresponds to the month. The rest of the set is usually designed for fast encryption of technical parameters.

The European Union is gradually coming to uniform product standards. This also applies to the release of power sources for heavy trucks. Major market players have adopted accepted standards for encrypting values. This group includes the world famous brands Vortex, FB, Uno, Forse, etc.

where is the decryption of the date of manufacture of the battery

Ten-digit gradation is applied. For the year of release reserved seats on the 5th and 6th positions. Then a couple of months and a couple of days of release.

The difference is in Japanese power sources for cars. They launched not only digital, but also symbolic marking. Manufacturers from the Land of the Rising Sun put a five-digit code on the battery cover. The last two digits are assigned a year, and first the day and the number of the week go. At the same time, a Latin letter is assigned for the year.

You need to know that in Japanese products you will need to have on hand special tables in which there is decoding.