Italian cars

Italian cars are more expensive than pizza

What most people can answer the question: "What associations do you have Italy?". With a probability of 100%, the words “pizza”, “spaghetti” or “pasta” will be called. Neither the Colosseum, nor even Rome, for some reason, do not recall or recall

Italian maserati ghibli already presented in shanghai

Most recently, a new Maserati Ghibli was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show. At the heart of this model is the platform from Quattroporte 6, it was this flagship that served as a source of inspiration for the design of the new Maserati

Ferrari f12 berlinetta won the hearts of guests of the

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (Berlinetta) - the new creation of the Italian car concern from Maranello, which again managed to design a production car, which will definitely become a legend, because the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the fastest, to date,

Fiat cars are made in italy

Fiat is one of the largest automotive concerns in Europe. Founded in 1899, it still does not lose its position, owning such brands as Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia and Alfa Romeo. All these trademarks are incorporated by the company “Fiat SpA”, engaged

Maserati kvatroporte developed over the years

Мазерати – одна из нескольких итальянских компаний, продукция которой известна во всём мире. Mazerati Quatroporte – один из автомобилей, который сумел завоевать популярность автолюбителей ещё в далёких шестидесятых годах. Автомобиль, который оценил

Lamborghini veneno rare and dangerous anniversary car

Lamborghini Poison – это юбилейная модель бренда Ламборгини, ведь скоро исполнится 50 лет компании, поэтому на честь такого события и была создана Lamborghini Poison. Таких автомобилей всего создано 3 штуки и стоить каждая будет по 3 миллиона евро. И

Fiat 500x - italian compact crossover

At the Mondial de l'Automobile car forum in October 2014, many new cars were presented, and among these new products, the new Fiat 500X from the Italian concern was not unnoticed. The first announcement of the compact Fiat 500X crossover was in early

The brand of italian cars known worldwide

Европейская автомобильная история невозможна без Италии. Эта страна создала и милые семейные автомобильчики, и грандиозные суперкары, и болиды Формула-1. Такие brands of italian cars, как Феррари, Ламборгини, Мазератти, известны всем. Это имена,
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