Car pioneer - the best models of 2017-2018 year

How nice, sitting behind the wheel of the "iron horse", to enjoy the sounds of your favorite tunes. And although, in modern cars, there are already acoustic systems, often their quality is far from perfect. And then before the motorist the question arises - how to choose the right device?

Car Pioneer - one of the most popular, sought after. Motorists appreciated their rich functionality, high-quality assembly. And the Japanese brand inspires confidence.

The choice of devices is impressive variety. Let's find out what are the best models of car receivers 2017-2018 year. The rating will help you to choose on the ideal device suitable for all occasions.

Автомагнитола Pioneer on 2 DIN – расширенный функционал

Pioneer AVH-X4800DVD

The size of the model is suitable for any car recently released. The device has advanced functionality, and will be an ideal choice for those who spend a lot of time on the road behind the wheel. The model of 2017 is one of the latest, expensive novelties of the Pioneer company. The entire front panel is occupied by a seven-inch screen with mechanical buttons that allow you to perform speed dialing for recall, volume and other menu options. The main control is a touch screen.


  • playback of the most popular sound formats;
  • a variety of sound, thanks to the audio tuning with a thirteen-band equalizer;
  • built-in roadmap;
  • clear, easy-to-manage menu that allows you to quickly select everything you need;
  • seven-inch screen allows you to view a movie clip;
  • availability of interaction with the smartphone;
  • connection via Bluetooth technology with playback of melodies from memory cards;
  • a microphone that turns the model into a hands-free radio;
  • availability of output with connection of rear-view cameras;
  • viewing on-screen SMS from a smartphone.
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Pioneer AVH-X4800DVD – роскошная модель по умеренной стоимости

Pioneer on 2 DIN

The device attracts versatility and pleasant, discreet design. Rectangular narrow body with one mechanical button. The control is mainly sensory. The bottom panel contains touch buttons for switching tracks, volume, and display brightness. On the rear panel - many connectors that interact with other devices.


  • support games on consoles (monitor function);
  • seven-inch screen for viewing cartoons, movies;
  • detail, clarity voice;
  • the ability to connect amplifiers, subwoofers, rear view cameras;
  • connect to the antenna to watch TV;
  • sound control with the output on the steering wheel;
  • USB cable output on 2 flash drives;
  • well-implemented FM tuner; speaker sound settings;
  • flashing lights to the beat of the musical rhythm;
  • interaction with the phone.

Pioneer AVH-X4800DVD

The undisputed market leader in car radios, the Pioneer brand, never ceases to delight users with new products. It accounts for about 50% of the offers in various price segments.