What cars are considered the smallest in the world


Many perceive cars as something big enough and roomy. But not always the car should have an impressive size. There is a separate category of mini cars, which is deservedly popular and in demand among car enthusiasts. Some of them are more reminiscent of children's cars and are created, rather, for children than for adults. Others can be on the same rights with large sedans and SUVs operated on public roads, demonstrating decent dynamics and speed. We offer to get acquainted with the smallest cars in the world, to learn their features and some technical characteristics.

The smallest car in the world

TOP of the smallest cars in the world.

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Main candidates

The title of the smallest car immediately claims 10 cars that were selected specifically for this rating. Some cars are copyright projects, that is, they exist in one copy. But there are those that are produced in large quantities and include the number of the most popular cars in the world. Because the small size does not mean that in front of you is something completely not intended for full operation. In the ranking there was a place for the smallest production cars and several very interesting projects that we could not ignore. In the final top 10 included:

  • Daewoo Matiz project;
  • Austin Coulson's car;
  • e2o;
  • Isetta;
  • Fiat 500;
  • ForTwo;
  • Tango;
  • My;
  • P50;
  • Motor Plan.

Now let's get acquainted with each machine separately. You can decide for yourself which smallest car in the world is of the greatest interest, and which car you would like to buy for yourself.

Toy Matiz

This is a rather unique development of an ordinary car mechanic from the UK, who decided to create a full-fledged car for his son. Children's cars today are considered incredibly popular. But if basically everyone means a tiny electric car that only imitates a full-fledged car, then in this case the British created a real car. Nobody is engaged in production of mini cars for children. A car mechanic from the UK decided that his son needed to understand the difference between a toy car and a real car from an early age.

Matiz Cozy Cup

For a basis, he took the usual Daewoo Matiz, which is now produced under the brand Ravon. Using the platform of this car, he redid the body itself, doing it in the style of Cozy Coupe. Plastic body, driver's seat, all controls allow the child to feel like driving a real car. It all looks like a regular toy. But toy children's cars are hardly able to accelerate to 95 kilometers per hour. This Matiz can. The British plans to create a whole series of full-fledged children's cars. Especially in size it is not the smallest cars. But with their help, you can teach children to ride on these machines, and not limited to the simplest imitation.

Austin Coulson's project

The creator of this unique mini car did not use any specific name. But there is no doubt that this is the most real vehicle. Although at first glance it does not seem to anyone. Austin Coulson from the United States set out to create the tiniest car in the world. He managed to do this in 2014, when representatives of the Guinness Book of Records confirmed the status of this unique vehicle.

Austin Coulson's project

The length of the machine is only 127 centimeters, and the width of the car reaches 66 centimeters. Height is 64 centimeters. But the most surprising is the fact that the developer has received relevant documents confirming the status of the device as a mini car. Due to successful certification, this machine can be operated on public roads. Therefore, in this case, we can say that the smallest car in the world has been found. This is not a toy, but a full-fledged vehicle with all certificates and documents.


From copyright projects go to full-fledged production cars. The first of these will be the model under the unusual name e2o produced by Mahindra. This is an electric car with a very modest size and a fairly attractive design. The developers took into account that at the present time electric cars create many problems for the owners due to the lack of full-fledged filling stations for electric vehicles in many cities.

This mini-car refuels from the ordinary household outlet. Moreover, the recharge itself is carried out quickly enough. You do not need to look for equipped points for electric cars. e2o has a length of 228 centimeters. The car itself weighs about 830 kilograms. With a torque of 53.9 Nm, the car is capable of accelerating to an impressive 120 kilometers per hour. This innovation is suitable for large cities, where huge flows of cars do not allow to move normally on large sedans and SUVs. The machine will require a minimum of electricity.

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This is a double car, under the hood of which is located the engine Iso Moto 200, designed for motorcycles. It was the name of the motor was the basis for the name of the machine itself. The developers of the car Isetta are the Italian company Velam. This is a unique project that allows the driver to carry one more passenger. In front of the car is a door with hinges, which allows a person to boot into the salon. The developers used soft material for the roof. This is done so that in the event of an accident, when the only door is locked, people can get out through the roof.

The size of the car is more than modest. The length is 228.5 centimeters, and the width is only 137 centimeters. Because of the egg-shaped body, this interesting Italian car is called a bubble. Auto weighs 360 pounds. The engine drives the engine, whose power is only 9.5 horsepower. But even with such technical characteristics, Isetta can accelerate to 97 kilometers per hour.

Velam Isetta

Fiat 500

From the very beginning of its existence, Fiat from Italy specialized in the production of small and even small cars. Over time, the range has increased significantly, but the historical feature is preserved. One of the best cars in the entire history of the company was considered the Fiat 500. This is an Italian classic, which at one time gained immense popularity and was sold all over the world. But for each car there is a time. Classics ceased to be produced, Fiat focused on newer projects. At the same time, the Fiat 500 continued to be actively exploited, they were restored, modernized by the car owners themselves.

At some point, the Italian auto company decided to revive the Fiat 500 in a more modern look, but retaining the image of a classic car. It was one of the best decisions of the company for the last several decades. Updated Fiat 500 immediately became a bestseller. But the classic version of this car got into the rating. They began to produce in 1957, and production stopped only in 1975. These machines have a length of 297 centimeters and weigh a little less than 500 kilograms. Under the hood were engines with a power of 17 horsepower, capable of accelerating the car up to 85 kilometers per hour.

Fiat 500


And this is a more modern machine that meets current requirements for equipment and security. It uses advanced technology that allows you to call Smart ForTwo one of the best cars of compact or even miniature size in the current market. Also, this development has proved that even with small dimensions the car can look beautiful and original. Version ForTwo Pure Coupe has a body length of 269 centimeters, and its width is 154 centimeters. Inside, everything is compact and cramped, so not every driver can fit in the car.

This is a two-seater coupe, equipped with a manual or automatic transmission at the buyer's choice. Plus, modern security systems, well-thought-out ergonomics and good technical characteristics are involved. It is difficult to imagine, but in reality, to ensure the safety of the driver and the passenger, 8 airbags are provided here at once.

ForTwo Pure Coupe

If we talk about the technical component, then with a weight of 900 kilograms, the car is equipped with an engine volume of 0.9 liters with a capacity of 90 horsepower. This combination allows you to accelerate to 155 kilometers per hour without any problems. The machine is maneuverable, easy to drive, quite dynamic and very economical.


It is unlikely that the car was named in honor of the world-famous dance. But the developers in the face of Commuter Cars clearly tried to create something unusual and sometimes strange. The machine has a very unusual, and therefore the original appearance. It’s hard to say what designers did when they came up with the look for Tango. Representatives of the company say that when building their cars they relied on simple truth. The fact is that most people drive their cars alone, without passengers, most of the time. Because extra seats and space inside the car they do not need.

So they created a car for one person who regularly drives around the city, but does not drive more than 10-30 kilometers per day. Tango has the speed and maneuverability of a motorcycle, but in terms of security it easily competes with full-fledged sedans and sports cars. At length, the body Tango has 257 millimeters, and the width here is only 12.7 centimeters. As you know, the car is designed for fairly slim motorists.

Commuter Cars Tango 

The developers believe that they managed to create the perfect car for a large city, where one of the main problems is the lack of parking spaces. After all, Tango for parking needs more space than a regular moped or motorcycle. But behind extremely modest dimensions there are very interesting technical characteristics. With its small size car weighs more than 1.3 tons. According to the automaker, their Tango can accelerate to 240 kilometers per hour. Like it or not, difficult to verify. Such cars are not officially delivered to Russia.

Mia Electric

Experts are sure that even with the current significant breakthrough in the field of creating electric cars, electric cars will remain unclaimed for a long time. If we talk about global sales. The main reason is the high starting cost of the machines that work with electricity. But there is also the problem of poorly developed infrastructure, which is why many owners of electric cars suffer. But the developers from France in the face of Mia Electric are confident that this situation is temporary, and soon people will be able to adequately evaluate all the advantages of electric vehicles.

Mia Electric

In order to accelerate the development of this process, the company launched its own electric car, designed for 3 people, including the driver. This is a car that has 2 sliding doors on the sides. The driver is located in the center, and behind him 2 more passengers can be accommodated. The car looks unusual and is a bit like a minibus. But here it is important to understand that the car has only 287 centimeters of length with a weight of 810 kilograms. Under the hood is an electric motor for 13 horsepower, allowing this modest electric car to accelerate to 110 kilometers per hour.


Really unusual and small car that came to us from the past. This is a real Guinness record holder, who held the title of the smallest production car for almost 50 years. The author of the development is Peel. Their mini-car has a length of only 134 centimeters, and the width here is 104 centimeters. It also affects the weight of the car, which is limited to a modest 59 kilograms. Under the hood of the P50 is placed a small motor with 4.2 horsepower. But this does not prevent the car with a driver to reach speeds of up to 61 kilometers per hour.

Peel released and double version of the car, which is called the Trident. It is noteworthy that the double car was in the book of records as the most compact car designed for 2 people. Both cars are now a tasty morsel for many collectors. Many mini-car fans consider the P50 to be one of the best creations in its class. In the UK and elsewhere in the world, Pel and Trident from Peel can still be found on public roads. After all, local traffic rules do not limit the ability to operate machines with such a modest size.

Peel P50


Not everyone agrees that the car must have 4 doors, and its interior could accommodate at least 4 people. Karl Jurish, who is a very talented engineer and fan of small cars, decided to create his own project for a single-seater. This happened in 1957. Then Karl believed that such cars have a future, since most motorists mostly travel by car alone. The result of his long-term work was a prototype, which was called Motoplan. This is a three-wheeled car, more like a toy car, rather than a full-fledged vehicle.

Initially, as Carl admits, he wanted to make a car with only two wheels. But because of the design features it was necessary to give the car greater stability with the help of an additional third wheel. The result was a vehicle located approximately midway between a motorcycle and a car. The length of Motoplan was 228 centimeters. The weight of the whole structure without a driver is 165 kilograms. Under the hood was located the engine, which develops 9.5 horsepower and allows you to accelerate to 88 kilometers per hour.

Legal Motoplan

As you can see, all kinds of cars like the Daewoo Matiz or the Nissan Micra are giants against the background of really small cars. Many questions remain about the practicality of such vehicles. These are interesting, unusual and sometimes very valuable cars. But modern man is demanding of comfort, safety, good equipment and space. Because mini-cars will remain in the shadow of full-fledged cars and be popular only among true connoisseurs.