Rating of new suvs for 600 thousand rubles


The choice of SUVs to 600,000 rubles. very limited. In this price category include Chinese-made cars. Also for the money you can buy SUVs of domestic production.

New SUVs for 600 thousand rubles

New SUVs for 600 thousand rubles

In order to purchase a new SUV, you need to pay attention to the comfort of the car, good handling characteristics, practicality, reliability and the ability to overcome various off-road options. For the money in the Russian market, you can buy a great new SUV with all-wheel drive of domestic production. Available on the market models: UAZ Hunter, Lada Niva 4x4, Chevrolet Niva and UAZ Patriot. The Chinese market for this money will offer "pseudo-SUVs" - Great Wall Hover M4, Chery Tiggo FL or Lifan X60. You can buy a good Renault Duster.

Читать далее о новых внедорожниках за 600000 рублей-->Официальные дилеры предлагают своим покупателям различные варианты исполнения внедорожников. Доступны модели для активного отдыха, рыбалки и охоты. Для путешествий на дальние расстояния отличными будут комфортабельные китайские авто. Ниже представлены новые автомобили, доступные в России ценой до 600000 руб.

In the review, we will consider models of cars, designed and built taking into account the peculiarities of Russian roads and climate.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster

Renault Duster - compact SUV, which belongs to the class of crossover

Attractive price and reliability makes this car indispensable when traveling to nature or to the country in difficult places. As a basis, they took the body from Renault Duster with some modifications. Unification and interchangeability of parts of both machines allowed the manufacturer to significantly reduce the cost of the machine, which favorably influenced the final price for the client.

Renault engineers have managed to recreate a station wagon with high ground clearance, all-wheel drive and a comfortable interior for a reasonable price. Renault Duster - SUV up to 600 tons p.

Car engine

The manufacturer offers the customer a choice of two petrol engines of 1.6 liters. and 2.0 l. The first unit has a capacity of 85 liters. with., the second - 110 l. with. Only manual transmission is installed. The choice only for the number of speeds (4, 5 or 6-speed). All-wheel drive model can get a diesel engine and 6-speed. manual transmission.

The new Renault Duster is equipped with the latest electronic technology. Even the most minimal equipment equipped with ABS and ESP system, multimedia system, air conditioning. The cost of the base model 2016 release - 530 000 rubles.

SUV - UAZ Hunter (Classic)

UAZ Hunter - the heir of the ancient UAZ-469. The car is designed to overcome difficult off-road.

UAZ Hunter (Classic)

When asked which SUV is better to buy for 60000 rubles, the answer is one - UAZ Hunter

The length of the car is 4,100 mm and 4,170 mm in the case of installing an additional spare wheel on the fifth door; width - 2010 mm; height - 2025 mm. Ground clearance - 210 mm.

Body and engine

New models of "Hunter" are equipped with a comfortable interior. The body, coupled with the suspension provides a high seating position for the driver and passengers, a heated floor, and a good payload. Transmission and suspension finalized and increased its service life. Under the hood is a four-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 2.24 liters and a capacity of 113 liters. with. The manufacturer can order a version with a voracious, but more powerful petrol engine of 2.7 liters, with a capacity of 128 liters. with. Both engines are equipped with five-speed mechanics. The transmission is permanently connected to the rear axle, the front axle is connected. Russian cars with all-wheel drive - this is a real "jeeps", overcoming the roads.


The interior is strict, without any frills and pathos. Installed a completely new side-view mirrors, headlamps with hydraulic compensators, which automatically regulate the beam of light depending on the vehicle load on the rear axle. Plastic lining on the bumper to protect the paint from dirt and scratches.

UAZ Hunter (Classic) is worth six hundred tons p.

Chevrolet Levels 2015-2016

Chevrolet Levels 2015-2016

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru The company GM recently launched a joint production of the legendary SUV Chevrolet Niva

The SUV immediately fell in love with the masses for its reliability and compactness.

The concept car was first presented to the public in 1998. After minor changes and improvements the appearance of the car almost did not change. Domestic cars in this segment are real off-road jeeps.

Installed on the car system of all-wheel drive, borrowed with some modifications from the "Niva". The 1.7 liter gasoline engine is capable of a power output of 80 liters. with. The power plant consumes approximately 10 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The engine is designed according to Euro-4 standards.

Chevrolet Niva is offered to customers in five trim levels. However, the new Niva for 600,000 rubles will be available only in the basic configuration.

The basic package includes the following options: central locking, power windows on the front doors, audio preparation (two speakers located in the front doors), electric mirrors and heated. Coasters for the driver and his passenger are provided.

Additional options, such as air conditioning, an improved interior, alloy wheels and a winch bracket located in front, are available only for an additional charge.

Suspension for a jeep

On the Chevrolet Niva suspension is installed, as in a large SUV. "Niva" VAZ-2121 has become a donor suspension and transmission for the new Chevrolet Niva. Front mounted independent double-lever suspension. Rear suspension dependent. The front brake disc, rear - drum. Thanks to the all-wheel drive system, any bad roads will not catch the driver off guard.

The transfer box has low gears to increase engine thrust.

l I rice X60 2016

l I rice X60 2016

The car belongs to the class "D"

The SUV is produced in a car factory in China. For the first time the public saw the car in 2010. The car became available to Russian buyers only in 2012. The car is safe (airbags installed) and unique.

Эстеререр l I rice X60 2016

Chinese SUVs up to 600 thousand rubles - one of the best in comfort for this price. The new body has improved aerodynamic characteristics. Additional wheel arches along with the ribs that run along the body, give the car a modern and unique. The hood is made double for even greater strength and improved streamlining.

The front optics received new Hawk-Eye headlights that are able to provide the driver with excellent visibility in the dark, as well as during heavy rain and heavy fog. Rear dual lights give the car a sporty feel.

Lifan X60 Package

The SUV has enough ground clearance - 180 mm. Standard equipment includes 20-inch metal wheels. The curb weight is 1330 kg.

The luggage compartment in the base configuration reaches 405 liters. The installed air conditioner maintains a comfortable temperature in the cabin.

The basic equipment provides the driver with only front-wheel drive, 5-speed manual gearbox, ABS, EBD brake distribution, full power, rain sensor and central locking. The top grade is equipped with all-wheel drive system.

Gasoline engine, four-cylinder, 1.8-liter. Power is 133 liters. with. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km is 11.2 seconds. The power plant is fully compliant with Euro-4 standards. The assembly is made at a car factory in China. The price for the basic equipment of the model Lifax X60 is 509,000 rubles.

Great Wall Hover M4

Great Wall Hover M4

SUV developed by Chinese engineers

For the first time the car presented at the Beijing Auto Show. The car comes with front-wheel drive and the ability to connect the rear. The length of the model is 3961 mm, width 1728, height - 1617. For the client, there were six options to choose from: Great Wall Hover M4.

Great Wall Hover M4 Design

Designers from the Chinese company made only minor changes to the appearance of the Haval M4. The changes affected the grille, as well as the front and rear bumper. Salon has not changed.

Engine and suspension

The car is equipped with a power plant of 1.5 liters and a capacity of 106 liters. with. The level of emissions fully complies with Euro-4. Transmission 5-speed manual. Torque at high speeds is 138 Nm.

Front suspension built on racks McPherson. The rear part got a semi-suspension. Rear wheel drive plug.

The basic equipment is equipped with: ABS, ESP systems, two Airbag - for the driver and the front passenger, power steering, special anti-fog headlights, disc brakes. Also available in the database immobilizer. Additional equipment: air conditioning, on-board computer, multimedia system - is installed for a fee.

The price of the base version of the Great Wall Hover M4 SUV is about 550,000 rubles.

Chery Tiggo

The car has proven itself in the Russian automotive market. For little money, the buyer gets a great SUV that can drive in places where a simple sedan with a powerful engine will simply get stuck.

Chery Tiggo

Chinese-made Tiggo somewhat resembles a Volkswagen Tiguan

The car has a high level of comfort, softness on the asphalt road and reliability during operation. In the more expensive models available version with all-wheel drive. Also in more expensive versions are available: air conditioning, anti-lock system, new front optics and elegant interior.

The price of Chinese Chery Tiggo starts from 549,000 rubles.


Choose an SUV for their needs, which at a price should not exceed 600,000 rubles, an interesting occupation. For the money available on the market is quite a wide range of good SUVs, both domestic and Chinese-made. Off-road vehicles are marked by good driving characteristics in light and medium off-road conditions. If you do not want to overpay for a brand or for luxury and a large level of comfort, then you should stay on one car from the rating of new SUVs to 600,000 rubles.