At the top of a cliff in yorkshire, opened a car dealership

American automaker Jeep took care of the true lovers of the company's SUVs and opened a car dealership in a very unusual place.


An unusual car dealership was located on the top of a cliff in Yorkshire near Robin Hood's Bay. In this non-standard way, the British division of the American company decided to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Jeep.

It is reported that for several weeks everyone will be able to visit the “natural” automobile salon Jeep and conduct a test drive of the company's new products in their natural environment.


So, in honor of the anniversary of the brand, special versions of cars will be released under the auspices of the 75th Anniversary - Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Wrangler, and also Renegade.


One of the three car dealerships available on top of a cliff in Yorkshire involves acquaintance with models of limited edition, which are distinguished by exclusive body color and equipment that is not standard on the original car.

Earlier it was reported that Jeep will present in November a new crossover C-SUV.