Do-it-yourself turbine installation

Equipment car turbocharged can be attributed to one of the most serious and costly types of tuning. This operation allows you to immediately get a noticeable increase in engine power that will appeal to most motorists. That is why car owners decide to install a turbocharger on their car. The only thing that can stop a motorist in such a situation is the price of the turbine itself and its installation in the car. And if the savings on the quality of spare parts (that is, the supercharger) is a rather dubious step, then installing turbocharging on your own will significantly reduce the cost of this type of tuning.


  • 1 Preparatory stage
  • 2 Supercharging
  • 3 Conclusion

Preparatory stage

turbine for cars

The appearance of the turbine

Since the installation of the turbine is quite a responsible and time-consuming process, we recommend that you think over all the details in advance. Experienced motorists of difficulties, most likely, will not arise, which can not be said about beginners. You need to start with the main thing - the choice of the turbine itself. It should be suitable (and even better specifically produced) for a particular brand and model of car. The whole further installation process largely depends on your initial choice.

Attention! When choosing a turbocharger, its characteristics such as boost threshold, heat dissipation, power and other properties should be taken into account. In addition, you need to remember that here, as elsewhere, you need to know the measure - all characteristics must be balanced.

Also, before proceeding directly with the installation of a turbo-supercharger on a car's engine, you need to check (or better replace) the air and oil filters, change the oil, and check the condition of all the oil pipes. It is very important that during the operation of the turbine no particles of dust and dirt get into the oil lines of the supercharger.

In addition, you should check:

  • catalyst (if any) - when it is clogged, excess exhaust gases may occur in the system, which adversely affects the operation of the turbine;
  • air filter housing - it must be airtight;
  • crankcase ventilation and air nozzles - better to be safe and wash them with gasoline.
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All of these checks are a non-empty waste of time. Cracks, tears and blockages in the lubrication system, exhaust or air supply can lead not only to the turbine itself, but also to the overhaul of the entire power unit.

turbocharger kit for VAZ

Turbocharging kit for VAZ


So, if you decide to install a turbocharger with your own hands, you need to carry out the procedure in the following order:

  1. To begin with, the purchased supercharger kit should be carefully examined for dents, cracks and other defects. In addition, you need to pay attention to the hole for the supply of oil - there should be no dirt, dust and other foreign objects inside.
  2. After that, you can start refueling the turbine with oil. It is very important to take a responsible approach to the choice of oil, because the performance characteristics of the boost naturally depend on this.
  3. Oil is poured into the hole to the top, you can pump it with a hand pump, for the best distribution inside the turbine. If in the process you hear a hiss - do not be afraid, this is normal.
  4. The event is repeated several times. The field of this all the oil you need to pour out of the device.
  5. When mounting the turbine on the engine, it is necessary to position it so that the oil can flow freely through the oil supply hole.
  6. To make the turbine more convenient to install, it is better to dismantle the heat screen, the exhaust manifold, and the generator. Then you need to drain all the coolant from the system.
  7. Drain all the oil. A hole is drilled in the motor block into which a fitting is placed on the sealant. After that, remove the oil temperature sensor.
  8. Install the adapter through which the oil will be fed into the turbine.
  9. Then the heat shield returns to the place, the turbine and the intake manifold are mounted. The fitting and the turbine are connected by a hose, a bypass valve is mounted.
  10. At the final stage, we install the intercooler and intake Piping.
mounted turbocharger

8-valve VAZ engine with turbocharging installed

When the installation process is completed, you can proceed to testing the system for operability. We remove the high-voltage wires from the cylinders and scroll the engine with a starter. If the oil pressure is normal (the indicator lamp on the dashboard goes out), then the system is working normally and the engine can be started. The first time the engine should be allowed to work for 15 minutes at idle.

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Running in the engine, which only installed the turbine, lasts a half - two thousand kilometers. During this period, neither the engine nor the pressurization system can be subjected to serious loads. The pressure in the turbine should not exceed 0.5 bar. In addition, in order for the system to last for a long time without breakdowns, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the oil and air filters, air ducts and oil pipelines. And most importantly: before you stop the engine, let it work for a few minutes at idle - this will allow the turbocharger to cool. We hope that the self-installed turbine will add drive and dynamics to your car, and a happy smile will not leave your face.