Chevrolet aveo or renault logan - consciously choose


The desire to purchase the best quality cars at an affordable price is quite natural and understandable. It can be done in only one way - by comparing cars of the same class that are in the same price category.

Chevrolet Aveo and Renault Logan - these are the cars that can force the buyer to face a difficult choice

Chevrolet Aveo and Renault Logan - these are the cars that can force the buyer to face a difficult choice

Now two cars will be presented to your attention. During the comparative analysis of which, we find out what is preferable - Chevrolet Aveo or Renault Logan.

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Cost, quality, characteristics

The average market price of these cars is 9-14 thousand dollars, depending on the configuration. And what we get for this money, let's understand more.


Chevrolet Aveo car exterior

Here, undoubtedly, Chevrolet Aveo is in the lead. And not least thanks to the restyling, which made the shape of a sedan more accurate. The appearance of Logan evokes associations with a person who has put on a coat that doesn’t fit him at all (a clear lack of elegance).

The appearance of the car Renault Logan

Salon and landing place

For both cars, the landing is not satisfactory. Doorways are wide enough, even for a large person. Yes, and their height does not make them bend in three deaths, sitting down both in front and behind.

In the car Chevrolet Aveo

As for the spaciousness of the cabin - Renault here ahead of the Aveo. There is more free space here, and smaller angles. But the shape of the Chevrolet seats is more comfortable, on a long trip it is felt by the spine.

Due to inexpensive plastic and faded-dark colors of the interior trim Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% both cars barely reach "satisfactory". But Chevrolet still traced the so-called design, which is completely absent in the Logan collected from us. A Renault can be noted for the size of the back of the sofa, even the three there do not feel cramped.

Feeling when moving

Soundproofing both cars, whether Aveo or Logan, leaves much to be desired. When driving, passengers in the back should raise their voices if they want to be heard by those who “enjoy” the engine noise ahead. At Chevrolet soundproofing advantage is still heard. But he is far from being perfect.

Maximum 180 km / h are drawn on the speedometer of the subjects rather for the view. It is not recommended to develop so much on them due to instability on the highway at high speeds. But anyway, Aveo with high-speed driving will be more stable and reliable opponent. At speeds up to 150 km / h, you can feel relatively safe, the car does not "float" when cornering.

In the car Renault Logan

Logan has an early clutch setting. This is very inconvenient when driving on the mash. Foot on the pedal is in constant tension. Otherwise, the frequently changing situation of traffic jams cannot be checked. The Aveo does not have this and everything is much more convenient.

Road flaws in the form of tubercles and dimples are well smoothed pendants of both. Both cars here deserve a score slightly above average. But the Korean suspension is still softer.

What is under the hood, bottom, etc.

Both models have engines of 1400 cubes. And 1.6 liters in its most powerful versions. But Chevrolet, due to a higher torque compared to Renault, will be more potent. And acceleration to weave in 13 seconds is not so bad for this class.

Test drive car Chevrolet Aveo:

It manages this all the automatic transmission in the Aveo and the manual version is absent here. But Logan has it. What some car owners will regard more as a plus.

On the sensitivity of the Renault brakes one step ahead. Chevrolet inferior classmate here. What equalizes them when driving on the mash. So the score earned by Aveo for the clutch, Logan plays here.

Get used to both cars quite easily. But the Korean is a bit in the lead here. Feels more willing to respond to the driver.

Luggage and cargo

Of course, here Renault Logan strongly pulled out ahead, with 510 liters of volume, against 375 liters of a luggage carrier at Aveo. But not everything is so simple. The back of the back of the leader does not recline, in contrast to the opponent. So the transportation of long items here is a big question.

Although there is always a way out. The backrest can be unscrewed, the benefit is fixed with just two bolts. But if there is an urgency when loading dlinnomer, then Chevrolet took care of this - the trunk is extended by one slight pressure on the rear backrest.

Test drive car Renault Logan:

But what is better for Logan or Aveo in this aspect depends on the specific situation. For example, bags of cement will fit more in Reno, but it will be more convenient to transport a long building profile to Chevrolet.

Let's talk about trim levels and prices.

The “mini” package for these cars provides for a driver’s airbag, air conditioning and electric windows. But nobody thought about the front passenger and ABS.

Logan will cost us a minimum salary of about 9 thousand dollars and 11 thousand for Aveo, respectively. The Korean car industry also added a tape recorder and seat adjustment, but such a significant run-up to the cost is, of course, not for this reason.

Why do we pay the extra two thousand US dollars? Not to mention the fact that Chevrolet is not collected from us, this already reduces the cost of the latter, let's go back to what was written above. The presence of the design in the interior trim, insulation, high reliability on the track, soft suspension, appearance finally. That's how the dollars come.

Comparison of technical characteristics of Chevrolet Aveo 1.6 16V and Renault Logan 1.6
Modification:Chevrolet Aveo 1.6 16VRenault Logan 1.6
Start of production:February 2006January 2004
Completion of production:in productionin production
Body Type:4 dv. sedan (T250)4 dv. sedan
Engine Location:Front, transverseFront, transverse
Motor power, hp:10690
Achieved at revolutions per min .:58005250
Engine capacity, cm3:15981598
Torque, N * m / rpm:145 / 3600131 / 2500
Maximum speed, km / h:175175
Acceleration time to 100 km / h in seconds .:11,111,5
Recommended fuel:gasoline AI-92gasoline AI-92
Fuel consumption (mixed cycle), l / 100 km:6,77,3
Number of valves per cylinder:42
Gas distribution system:dohcdohc
Supply system:Distributed injectionDistributed injection
Piston stroke, mm:81,580,5
Compression ratio:9,59,5
Type of drive:FrontFront
Transmission Type:MKPPMKPP
Number of steps:55
Front suspension:Depreciation standDepreciation stand
Rear suspension:TossionHelical spring
Front brakes:Disk drivesDisk drives
Rear brakes:DrumDrum
Length, mm:43104250
Width, mm:17101735
Height, mm:15001525
Wheelbase, mm:24802630
Wheel track front, mm:14501466
Wheel track rear, mm:14101456
Curb weight, kg:1100980
Trunk volume, l:375510
Volume of fuel tank, l:4550
Tire size:185/55R15185/65 R15

Now, what do we get by picking "Optima" and for how much? Safety of the front passenger (second airbag), ABS, alloy wheels, music from Reno, metallic color, will cost Logan about 11.5 thousand dollars and 14 thousand for Aveo of the same green money. Here the difference is already about two and a half thousand - miracles.

Our choice in the end

You do not need to be a mathematician to calculate - the “optimal” Renault costs almost as much as the “minimal” Chevrolet. Many will take this as a guide to action. But there are a lot of people willing to pay an extra couple of pounds for additional reliability and aesthetics.

Still here the choice depends on what is more important for us. The practicality of the internal volume or beauty of appearance. Savings on payment or a slight addition to the reliability of cars on the road.

We looked at two similar cars in order to compare the Aveo and Logan. The choice, of course, is yours, dear readers. And already made it the owners of these cars can speak below.