What xenon is best to install on your car

Многие автолюбители устанавливают на свои автомобили ксенон, это тема достаточно популярна среди автомобилистов. Xenon имеет множество преимуществ, кроме внешней привлекательности, ксенон делает езду на машине в ночное время более безопасной. Сегодня многие машины уже на заводе комплектуют ксеноновыми фарами, а для тех машин, где не стоит ксенон по умолчанию, есть возможность установить такие фары самостоятельно или при помощи специалистов. Сегодня на рынке есть достаточно большой выбор ксеноновых фар, поэтому сейчас мы разберемся с вопросом какой выбрать ксенон.

GranTurismo xenon

Why is Xenon so popular?

Для тех, кто не в курсе, Xenon – это инертный газ, который светится, если между электродами появится дуговой разряд. Xenon светится очень ярко, поэтому такой феномен решили внедрить в автомобили.

Philips is one of the first to study xenon and introduce it into lamps. During the experiments, a significant increase in the brightness of fluorescent lamps was observed.

In addition, studies have shown that xenon lamps emit a spectrum that is very similar to the sun. Due to this, the light from such lamps looks very natural and quite bright.


Thanks to the good brightness, the driver now has an excellent opportunity to see the road perfectly, thanks to good visibility, because the width of the space that is lit becomes much larger. Especially good xenon headlights themselves show in non-flying weather when it is snowing or raining.

Some of the advantages of these headlights, but there are some difficulties associated with xenon headlights - they are quite expensive, and you also need to install the xenon control unit. But many motorists do not stop these little things, the issue of high cost disappears immediately, because today there are xenon lamps of various manufacturers, like Chinese, Japanese, European and many other manufacturers. Therefore choose which xenon is better to put - it's just a matter of time.

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Main characteristics and who produces xenon lamps

The best xenon lamps are those products that are made by serious companies on the market, such as Philips, AL, Osram, Matsushita, Hella, Koito / Denso, etc. And then we find out what is so special about xenon lamps inside:

  • the light is very bright;
  • excellent circuit protection;
  • warranty period of not less than 12 months;
  • the ignition unit is very fast.


Today, the production of xenon lamps is dominated by Hella, the lamps of this company are of good quality, and the popularity of the brand has led to the fact that these lamps are very often forged, so before buying you need to look at certification to be sure that you buy original lamps. Among the manufacturers of ignition blocks, the leader is Matsushita, whose equipment is of high quality, compact and hermetic.

Chinese and Malaysian xenon lamps

Everyone knows that Asian optics do not always shine with their positive reviews, very often there are even complaints, but the price of these lamps is very sparing, so you have to face the truth: I decided to save - it’s not good if something went wrong with the goods So. This law concerns not only xenon lamps, but all other aspects of life.

Cheap Asian xenon is good for those who decide to try what it is, install it on your own, equally inexpensive car and get a lot of pleasure from driving with xenon headlights.

The main differences between Asian lamps and units:

  • unit protection is not reliable enough;
  • Xenon lamps last from 30 days to 2 years;
  • ignition takes a very long time (more than 20 sec);
  • Asian units do not work with high-quality xenon lamps.
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Pseudoxenone and how to distinguish it

Ordinary incandescent bulbs are considered pseudoxenones, but they are coated with a light blue dye. These lamps spend much more energy, and also, they quickly heat up. Such headlights can be immediately distinguished by the characteristic cracks that appear after water falls on heated lamps. Therefore, we must think about what xenon is better to put.

cheap xenon

These lamps are produced by little-known or completely unknown Korean and Chinese workshops, moreover, they call their products famous brands. The intensity of the light and the whole spectrum does not correspond to high-quality xenon headlights, but nevertheless, this pseudo-xenon finds its buyer.

How to choose high-quality optics

Many motorists install xenon in fog in order to see the road well at night. In order to avoid glare of oncoming drivers it is necessary to install special lenses on fog lights. The bulk of the lamps are equipped with sockets HB, H3, H27, H4, H11, etc.

chinese xenon

Headlamp markings for xenon can be found on the inner surface of the glass headlights, sometimes under the hood there is a sticker with the marking. In most cases, xenons are installed h7 and 78. These lamps are perfect under the base, which is installed on many modern cars. This optics is good because it does not require additional installation of lenses that reduce the intensity of light. As for the price of such optics, it is quite affordable for almost every motorist.

There is also an interesting option - xenon mtf, Philips h1, h3, h4, h7 lamps come in the kit, and the ignition unit is also called MTF. In such optics, coherence is very high, which means that even when it is raining, the light almost does not diffuse.

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To determine with confidence which xenon is betterand which is worse, you need to find out who the manufacturer of this xenon. Basically, if xenon is sold in the bazaar, then for sure it is Asian-made. Of course, this brings little joy, but there is nothing bad here, the main thing is to identify the weaknesses of this optics and be prepared for possible difficulties, and if lucky, they will not come.


Если продавец с пеной у рта доказывает, что его товар качественный, можно попросить этого продавца ксенона предоставить сертификат на его товары. Если сертификата нет или он что-то рассказывает не по теме, то верить такую продавцу не стоит, скорее всего он продает chinese xenon.

How to install xenon with your own hands?

This is done quite simply, as long as the halogen car on the machine matches the type of lamp being installed. And you should not engage in the installation of various adapters and other devices, it will not bring to the good.

Once you have decided on the choice of xenon just for your car, you must also buy the necessary repair kit or contact immediately the professionals, who are very numerous now, they are in almost every station of those. service or watch this video: