Rating of the cheapest cars sold in russia


Not every Russian can afford a car worth more than a million rubles. Because they have to look for solutions among budgetary representatives of the market. There are not so many cheap cars in Russia. But which ones are the cheapest - the question is quite interesting. Low cost does not always mean poor quality. Yes, for the money that is being asked for new affordable cars, you can buy good options in the secondary market. But there are some nuances that often make people prefer a simpler, but still new car, than a used car. We have collected the cheapest cars in Russia, available by the beginning of 2018. Here you can consider in more detail not just the cheapest foreign cars, but also new cars, the cost of which fits into the framework of a limited budget. Presented foreign cars are sold in Russia through official dealers. Do not forget that by the beginning of 2018 there are discounts and promotions on the model of last year. This will allow you to get a brand new car from the salon at a better price.

Cheapest foreign cars in Russia

TOP cheapest cars in Russia.

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Low cost automakers

The top of the cheapest cars include representatives of quite famous brands. The rating is conditionally divided into two parts. In the first, we will look at the most affordable cars that official dealers offer by spring 2018. In the second part of the rating, cars of a more expensive category will be considered. In terms of price, they are not much different from cheaper cars, but they have several advantages compared to them. If the budget allows, it makes sense to look at the proposed vehicles. As a result, by the beginning of 2018, the most affordable cars are offered by the following manufacturers:

  • Ravon;
  • Datsun;
  • Brilliance;
  • FAW.

The second part of the rating consists of representatives of such companies:

  • Renault;
  • That;
  • Hyundai;
  • Citroen;
  • Volkswagen.

Each of the cars we consider separately that will help you in making a final decision. You will understand what a foreign car is now the cheapest in Russia, and why this or that car deserves your attention. Let's start with the list of the most accessible vehicles according to the market monitoring.


The most inexpensive cost of buying a car called R2. The official leader of the rating of the most affordable cars in Russia at the beginning of 2018 is a small urban hatchback manufactured by Ravon. Its current minimum price is 439 thousand rubles. Remarkable is the fact that in Russia it is the most budget car offered with an automatic transmission. For this amount, you get a 1.25 liter gasoline engine, which is capable of producing 85 horsepower. This is a subcompact car of the European A class, which essentially copies the more well-known American Spark hatchback from the third generation Chevrolet. But this machine left the Russian market, which was recently announced by representatives of General Motors. R2, produced under the brand Ravon, is created on the basis of a license, that is, copying is completely legal and agreed with the American side. Despite the modest cost, small size and a small engine, the car is able to accelerate to 161 kilometers per hour, and also gain from 12 to 100 seconds in space. Attracts buyers and low fuel consumption, which in the combined cycle is 6.7 liters. Very decent car for a big city, which fully justifies the investment in it.

Ravon R2


A car with a strange name from the company Datsun officially sold in Russia since the summer of 2014. Today, this machine ranks second among the most affordable cars in the domestic market. If you take the basic equipment, equipment which is at a good level, then you will have to pay at least 444 thousand rubles. Close cooperation with AvtoVAZ makes itself felt. The car is assembled at the capacity of the domestic manufacturer, has much in common in terms of appearance, if we compare the Japanese with the Lada models. But for some reason, on-Do attracts more buyers than the Russian cars themselves. The car does not offer anything unusual or cutting edge. Nice little sedan, created primarily for urban use. In the initial configuration of the proposed engine of 1.6 liters, running on gasoline, with a capacity of 87 horsepower. It operates in tandem with a five-speed manual gearbox. Together, they are able to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 14.3 seconds, and the maximum speed is 165 kilometers per hour.

It is worth recalling that on-Do and Lada Kalina have the same platform. That's why many people call this Japanese sedan a Russian car. Like it or not, arguing does not make much sense. Much more interesting is the fact that in the database the car owner gets an electric power steering, heated front seats, reclining rear seats, BAS, ABS and EBD systems. And all this for 444 thousand rubles.

Datsun on-Do


Another representative of the automaker Ravon. But now the car is more impressive in terms of size. It is not surprising, because the representative of the European B class is a relative of the American first-generation Chevrolet Aveo sedan. It was he who became the basis for creating a new Nexia under a new brand. In Russia, this car is included in the rating of the cheapest cars and occupies a high 3rd place there. This is due to the fact that there is such a sedan from 449 thousand rubles for the basic equipment. Let it not the cheapest foreign car in Russia, but Nexia is noticeably ahead of the two previous leaders in terms of size, spaciousness and practicality. Therefore, if you need a practical, inexpensive and new car with decent technical features and a high level of reliability, you should look at the new Nexia from Ravon.

The car, whose birthplace is officially considered to be Uzbekistan, attracts with its appearance. The car looks fresh and quite modern, because it received some improvements in comparison with the Aveo. Under the hood there is only one non-alternative gasoline engine. It meets the strict standards of Euro-5. This is a 1.5-liter power unit with a power of 107 horsepower and 141 Nm of torque. It is equipped in the base with a five-step mechanics, but in the manufacturer’s arsenal there is also a six-speed automatic. On the mechanics of the car is able to accelerate to 180 kilometers per hour. Acceleration from place to hundred is not bad, since it takes 12.2 seconds. Another machine boasts a small appetite. Although for some, even 7.7 liters in urban environments looks like a big expense.

Ravon Nexia


Автомобиль, который чем-то отдалённо напоминает Toyota, также попал в рейтинг самых дешёвых иномарок, официально представленных в салонах России. Он занял четвёртую позицию со стоимостью от 459 тысяч за базовую комплектацию. Производителем модели HEAVY выступает китайская компания Brilliance. Многие думали, что именно представители китайского автопрома будут занимать места с первого по последнее в рейтинге бюджетников. Но на практике сюда вошли только две машины. Сама модель существует уже с 2012 года. Сначала её производили и продавали только на местном рынке в Китае. Но с 2015 года автомобиль официально продаётся в России. Главной особенностью автомобиля является факт сотрудничества китайцев с инженерами из компании BMW. Но почему-то ни одна из сторон не спешит уточнять, в каком именно вопросе они взаимодействовали для создания китайского седана и хэтчбека. Можно похвалить автомобиль за интересную и привлекательную внешность. Машина смотрится динамично, стильно, не прослеживается явных признаков китайского автопрома. HEAVY на деле оказался очень практичным, удобным и комфортабельным.

В базовом исполнении седан и хэтчбек готовы предложить 470-500 литров пространства в багажном отсеке. Удобный задний ряд, продуманные передние кресла и неплохая эргономика салона в сумме формируют приятное впечатление об автомобиле из Поднебесной. В техническом плане здесь всё достаточно ожидаемо. Большого ассортимента моторов ждать не приходится. Для россиян HEAVY от Brilliance предлагается только с одним бензиновым атмосферным двигателем объёмом 1,5 литра. Этот четырёхцилиндровый силовой агрегат выдаёт 105 лошадиных сил мощности и 143 Нм крутящего момента. Важным преимуществом двигателя является то, что его можно эксплуатировать на более дешёвом бензине АИ-92. Про расход топлива официальные представители не сообщают. Вряд ли стоит ожидать повышенной экономичности Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru. But the maximum speed was 180 kilometers per hour.

Toyota HEAVY


The fifth cheapest foreign car in Russia at the beginning of 2018 is represented by the Chinese company FAW. This brand is gradually increasing its influence and expanding its presence in the markets in the CIS countries, including the Russian Federation. Initially, the FAW was treated with great suspicion. But when the cars were tested on personal experience, the Russians took a completely different look at the Chinese company. Their European C class sedan was first shown to the public in the winter of 2011 at the Guangzhou Auto Show. After that, the Chinese tried several times to enter the Russian market, but something prevented them. As a result, instead of the planned start of sales in 2013, the car turned out to be with us only in May 2014. The appearance of the sedan is quite interesting, modern and dynamic. There are no unique and memorable solutions. But it’s impossible to call a car unsuccessful or boring.

In terms of the technical characteristics of a large variety from the Chinese should not wait. For Russia, only one power unit is offered. This is an atmospheric gasoline engine of 1.5 liters with 16 valves and a capacity of 102 horsepower. Torque here is 135 Nm. Such a motor, operating in the basic configuration with five-step mechanics, can accelerate Oley from FAW to 170 kilometers per hour. But more buyers were attracted by the Aisin version of the gun. This is a four-band automatic transmission offering simultaneously several modes of operation:

  • sport;
  • snow;
  • descent;
  • plane;
  • rise;
  • economical.

If you put the machine in a pair to the engine, the average consumption will be about 6.8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. With a manual transmission, the car is more economical, consumes 6.5 liters each. As for the cost, this car from official dealers in the Russian Federation is offered at a price of 491 thousand rubles.

FAW Oley 

Additional rating

Here we have included more expensive cars, but related to eminent, sought-after and reliable manufacturers. Having spent money on them, the newly-made car owner is unlikely to regret. With all due respect to the Chinese auto industry and the same Ravon brand, these cars are clearly not among the priority cars for Russian consumers. People are willing to spend more, but to buy high-quality, reliable and reliable cars. Plus the factor of the brand and the name of the company plays a significant role.


Relative budget from the Korean automaker in the face of the company Kia. The model has existed since 1999, but the new generation is clearly superior to its predecessors. The current version in the basic configuration costs about 670 thousand rubles. With the current pricing policy in the automotive world is not such a high price. In this case, Rio already in the basic configuration offers a large set of good equipment, which is absent from competitors, or offered in more expensive configurations. In the case of the Rio, you can buy the most simple equipment. You will not experience a serious shortage of certain components. In the engine compartment you will be offered a gasoline 1.4-liter engine with a capacity of 100 horsepower. It is completed with six-speed mechanics.

Kia Rio


One of the bestsellers of 2017 and 2018 in Russia. Korean car from the company Hyundai has about the same positive qualities as the Rio. In this case, the price tags start from 599 thousand rubles, which makes Solaris more affordable compared to a Korean competitor or a practical equivalent. The new generation of Solaris has a very attractive and modern appearance. The buyer also receives a spacious cabin, a fairly roomy luggage compartment, thoughtful ergonomics, high-quality assembly and a decent set of basic equipment. In technical terms, this car is also similar to the Kia Rio. Because in the basic configuration, you get a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 100 horsepower and a six-speed manual in a pair. A key feature of Solaris is the fact that the car was designed specifically for the Russian market and local operating conditions. This indicates the best adaptability of the machine to our roads, the harsh climate, the level of service and other amenities.

Hyundai Solaris


For many, this is surprising, but in fact a representative of the eminent German company Volkswagen also falls into the rating of the most affordable and budget cars. This European class B sedan began its history back in 1990. But the current generation is markedly different from its predecessors. The car has become much better, better and more interesting. Volkswagen has never had problems with reliability, reliability and durability. Therefore, their cars are still among the best and most durable in the world. Polo allows for little money to experience all the advantages of German quality. The basic equipment of the car costs from 579 thousand rubles. Given the current discounts and promotions official dealers, the same car can be found with an even more attractive price tag. In the basic version, you get a 1.6-liter, 90-horsepower, naturally-aspirated gasoline engine. Together with him working 5-speed gearbox. Reliable, well-assembled and economical engine. Good choice for the city.

But in this ranking Polo looks the most advantageous. This is due to the greed of the automaker. The thing is that the car is good in all respects. But buying a basic package makes little sense. There are too few equipment and options. You need to take the version where there is a certain minimum necessary for a modern driver. And it already goes beyond 600 thousand rubles. Although in Russia there are those who are happy to buy basic equipment, while not complaining about the absence of certain components. This is their choice, and many will agree with him. Yet before you Volkswagen, which is not in words, but in fact confirms its status as the most reliable automaker in the world.

Volkswagen Polo


If you want something unusual, beautiful and original, not like standard European cars, you should definitely contact the official dealers of the French automaker. Citroen offers a magnificent European B-class sedan that will charm with its design. At the same time, the car boasts good basic equipment, decent technical characteristics and a huge list of additional options. C-Elysee is offered at a price of 564 thousand rubles. A relatively small amount, considering what you get already in the basic configuration of this nice French car. Also, the manufacturer claims that this model has been adapted to the Russian conditions of operation, so it will cope with our climate, fuel quality and not the best roads without any problems. If you read the reviews of the car owners themselves, then you can easily find confirmation of these statements. The car really feels good in Russia.

The car externally creates the effect of much more expensive foreign cars than it really is. This is a great car for urban use. But you should not count on a high level of dynamics here. In the basic configuration, the car is equipped with a 1.2-liter gasoline atmospheric engine, whose power is 72 horsepower. Objectively, it is better to take a car with a more productive motor with 115 horsepower, and install a mechanical, automatic or robotic box to choose from it. Only in this case, the minimum cost you do not get. Have to pay extra.

Citroen C-Elysee


For most Russians, the undisputed favorite for the title of best budget car is a representative of Renault. Model Logan second generation clearly surpassed its predecessor. Suppose the car was not the cheapest, but in terms of value for money and equal to it is difficult to find. This is a real workhorse that does not have an outstanding appearance or some sophisticated solutions. It's just a car that is designed for long trips, active operation with a high level of reliability and dependability. The price tag of 469 thousand rubles looks extremely attractive. Although Logan is available in more interesting configurations, the cost of which reaches 700 thousand rubles. But even taking the basic equipment, you will not suffer much. If you need a car for work, regular trips, organizing a taxi service or just a car that will not let you down at the crucial moment, you definitely need to look towards Renault. The car is offered in Russia with engines of 82, 102 and 113 horsepower. Moreover, the experience of car owners shows that even with 82 horsepower under the hood Logan behaves very confidently. Overtaking is not instant, but for the city, increased power is not always needed.

Renault Logan

Having studied the rating of cheap cars offered in Russia, you can draw certain conclusions for yourself. It is not always worth chasing a huge price to get a decent car. But also sometimes it makes sense to save a little more, but to buy a car with a more interesting and rich bundle.