Tuning renault sandero and some improvements on their own

An ideal car has not yet been built, regardless of the cost of the car, there are always some flaws in the car, especially if we are talking about low-cost cars, they always have something to complain about, but now we will deal with fixing various defects and flaws in such a popular car as Renault Sandero in the back of a hatchback.

Renault Sandero Hatchback

If you look at the car in general, then it is made quite well, and the price for it is relatively low, but nevertheless, in this car there is still something to work on. For example, immediately after the purchase of Renault Sandero, you can take care of the protection of the radiator using a special grid. Such revision Renault Sandero in the future will be able to protect the radiator from possible damage.

Protective mesh for radiator Renault Sandero

Installing the safety net

Renault Sandero mesh

There are cases that sand or pebbles may fall into the front grill of the car and thereby damage the radiator, in order to avoid such a problem, it is necessary to install the mesh immediately behind the decorative front grille. This is done quite simply - you need to open the hood and put a plastic mesh on the car glue.

Renault Sandero sedan

Further, it is desirable install cabin filterAfter all, initially for the Russian market this car was not equipped with such a filter, and it is very useful. To install it, you need to open the glove compartment and install a cabin filter there, which will make driving a car more comfortable, since the air in the cabin will be cleaner.

Beep recovery

Renault Sandero руль

As a rule, the reason for the lack of sound from the horn in a broken wire. As practice shows, and many reviews of car owners confirm that the sound signal disappears in the car with time. In most cases, the cause of such a breakdown is a broken wire. To eliminate this damage, unscrew the left lever, which is responsible for the turn signals and headlights, which is under the steering wheel.

Renault Sandero wires

By the way, the signal button is located at the end of this lever. To remove it, simply unscrew the screws on the switch and on the steering wheel cover. After unscrewing this lever, you will immediately see that the wire has broken, you just need to change it to a new one.

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The washer tank was loose

The next drawback that may appear during the operation of this car is a strange sound from under the bonnet in the right side when driving on a rough road. The reason for such a knock due to the fact that the flank of the washer was loose.

Renault Sandero tank

Therefore, to eliminate this shortcoming, you just need to reinstall this tank and tighten the fasteners. It is also advisable to wrap it with non-flammable insulation material.

Replacing old washing nozzles with new ones

Further work - tuning Renault Sanderobecause we have to replace the old parts with new ones. It is necessary to remove the tube through which fluid flows to the washer nozzles, which is located on the hood. Then you need to push the old nozzle and replace it with a new one.

Renault Sandero

A more modern effect of spraying the fan nozzle. This is optional revision Renault Sanderobut the effect will be very nice. In the new Sandero, spray liquid is already applied on the fan principle. And in previous versions of this car model, the liquid is sprayed by jets, not very evenly.

Renault-Sandero glass

Therefore, you can fix this minor flaw yourself - install new nozzles. To do this, simply open the hood, pull off the tube that brings fluid to the injectors. On the old injectors, squeeze the clips and push out the old injectors. New installed on the same principle.

These simple actions can significantly improve the Renault Sandero car, and all these actions will not require any significant financial costs from the owner.

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