Car first aid kit-2017: composition, requirements and

Health problems can overtake the driver and / or passengers in places far from the point of first aid. Unfortunately, a purchased first-aid kit for a formal inspection is often useless if the situation is serious. What should be in the first aid kit in 2017 is described below.


  • The composition of the first-aid kit for cars from the store
    • What is included in the store first aid kit, sample 2017
  • Legal aspect
  • Self-assembled first aid kit
    • Useful tips and tricks

The composition of the first-aid kit for cars from the store

The beginning of 2010, for motorists, was marked by a concession on investments in the first-aid kit of medicines. Changes occurred in the direction of reducing the number of components. In fact, boxes with a cross began to contain only dressings, which remain useless in numerous situations. The debate on this issue ended, due to the adequacy of the content to check the traffic police. In reality, such a composition of a car’s first-aid kit is useful only for minor household injuries — a cut of a finger, for example.

What is included in the store first aid kit, sample 2017

Price categories of purchase sets differ by several times - from 100 to 300 rubles per box. However, the contents of all options are devoid of variety. So, what is included in the car first aid kit purchased in the store:

  • Additional dressings.
  • Disinfectants.
  • Medicines.
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More details:

  • The dressings already present in the first-aid kit should be increased several times — the store kit is poor in this regard and at least several pharmacy kits are required to eliminate serious bleeding.
  • For gauze products, it is important to add a few packs of cotton wool and plates with adhesive tapes. Solving minor problems in a car is always fraught with the risk of cuts, so adhesive tapes are consumed frequently and quickly.
  • An individual dressing bag is required. Earlier, in Russia, they existed in army first-aid kits and were a package of rubberized fabric, sealed and durable for mechanical damage. Now they are hard to find, but possible. With it, stop serious bleeding. Packages are inexpensive and it is better to have several.
  • The tourniquet in the first-aid kit of the 2017 model is a linen elastic that is not suitable for hemostatic surgery. It is required to change it to a thin rubber hose and have them in a set of 2-3 pieces with notes and a pencil to fix the time of application.
  • Cooling package. Automobile first-aid kits do not contain it, however, with bruises, it will provide an invaluable service. The package contains niter powder and a sealed bag of water. When mixing (with a palm edge, a bag of water is broken), the contents become very cold. It is applied to the injury.
  • As a disinfectant, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and a bottle of medical alcohol are required. Large quantities are not required, it is only important to purchase bottles of thick glass with a plastic stopper and a reliable screw cap - plastic containers are not suitable, because they are too thin.
  • Medicines. What is most often needed? The most common health problems are headaches, muscle, and stomach. Frequent poisoning and associated diarrhea and vomiting. Long standing in traffic jams or an emergency situation on the highway in winter, which also increases the absence of winter rubber, provoke colds.

In connection with the above diseases, a new first-aid kit for a car in 2017 should contain analgin, baralgin, no-silo, smectu, mezim, antibiotics, anti-flu pills - powders are effective only if there is a boiling-pot thermos. There is no need to specially prepare a first-aid kit for autos with potent drugs - in a critical situation it is important to remove the symptoms and safely reach the nearest point of assistance.

And the last - individual drugs. Drivers who know their own diagnosis should keep their medicines separate from the car’s first-aid kit, next to the documents. If the car is family owned, then for safety in a long journey, the briefcase is supplemented with antiallergic, heart and means of influencing blood pressure on all members. Children's drugs are extremely important if the child has not yet come out of infancy and can not inform parents of their own condition.

Useful tips and tricks

In addition to medical investments, the composition of the automobile first-aid kit in 2017 according to GOST, requires mechanical means - scissors and tweezers. In the finished sets there are only scissors, the quality of which is no good - they do not cut the bandage and when interacting with harder materials, the blades bend. It is better to buy separate, stationery, quality and replace them with existing ones.

Tweezers are indispensable during repair. Minor injuries such as burrs and splinters can cause suffering no less than open wounds, bruises or a stuffy nose. It is necessary to use them in combination with disinfectants. Powdered streptocide and medical glue should be included in the list of contents of the first-aid kit; after removing the splinter or burrs, the affected place is treated with any means.

An important condition - even the complete set of the ambulance case does not guarantee effective use if the owner of the car does not have an idea about the work of a particular component. Our website gives you the opportunity to download instructions on the use of attachments automotive kits - you need to print and carry with them as a reminder. Good luck on the roads!