The choice of sports seats for the car


Experienced drivers are well aware of the role that sports seats play for the car and the driver, so they install truly high-quality products from well-known brands.

Sports seats in the cabin

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Features sports seats

Sports models have much in common with racing, but are additionally equipped with adjustable backrest angle. Great for car racing and sports driving enthusiasts. For these motorists are important convenience, safety and sensitivity of the car to control. Sports seats support the hips and back well, sometimes equipped with shoulder rest. In fact, these are the same racing seats, but with a greater degree of comfort. Very often they are made of high-strength plastic or composite based on Kevlar and carbon. These car seats have excellent ergonomics, design and safety.

Sports seats do not imply a relaxed driving position, this is a real "combat space for a fighter pilot." For maximum comfort, professionals recommend installing them on cars with a sports suspension and driving on high-quality road surfaces.

Sports car seats

This chair makes travel more comfortable.

Models of the sports type were developed according to the principle that the more comfortable the driver is to drive the car, the better he will be able to concentrate on the road and respond faster. Sports seats allow you to minimize unnecessary movement. Even after a long time behind the wheel, you will not experience fatigue. When using good seats you will not have a headache after an hour of riding, there will be no problems with sleep and your back will be in perfect order. The reason for many troubles driver - bad car seat. Let's solve this issue cardinally!

Top seats for advanced drivers

In order to unleash the potential of your car on “one hundred percent,” we define three top-rated seat manufacturers:

  1. In the opinion of most experts, Recaro claims the first place. This company was established in 1906 and as no one knows how to produce car seats.

In Stuttgart, the master car seats Wilhelm Reuter opened his own business and began to produce luxury seats. Thanks to German discipline and attention to detail, the company began to grow rapidly and gained fame in the automotive industry. Business flourished and the workshop soon turned into a factory. Thanks to a number of patented innovations about the designer learned in many developed countries of the world. Reuter produced salons for cars Porshe, Volkswagen and other equally well-known companies of the time. Nowadays, Racaro has offices in many countries around the world, and in its long history has managed to collect a unique database on how to produce the best seats for cars.

Racaro chair

The company Racaro works closely with doctors, its designers and designers conduct tests and research, which led to many discoveries in the field of creating seats for cars. Racaro company is a supplier of exclusive seats for top models Ford, Volkswagen, Porshe, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Audi, Opel.

Racaro is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Each car seat is a collection of technologies, nano-developments, the best solutions and ingenious technologies from the world of racing and speeds. The model range of this manufacturer is extensive, it is possible to choose a seat for cars from amateur to professional level, in various price categories.

  1. OMP is an Italian company, one of the leaders in the market for auto products.

Founded in 1973 in Genoa, managed to earn an excellent reputation. The release of OMP products is increasing every year. Her products are involved in Formula and such “stars” as Gerard Berger, Nigel Mansell, Carlos Sainz, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Petter Solberg, used the equipment from OMP. Products manufactured by OMP are known in the world market due to the excellent quality and attention of developers to detail. All products meet the highest standards, because it was developed and tested to ensure comfort and safety in the toughest conditions of world-class races.

OMP chair

Made from the most advanced materials, the OMP auto seats are replicated racing equipment adapted to everyday life. Made from carbon fiber, equipped with progressive driver fixation systems, having comfortable head restraints and car seat restraints from this manufacturer are one of the best options in their market segment.

Choosing OMP, you prefer racing without compromise and restrictions!

  1. Products of another Italian brand - Sparko, known worldwide.

Excellent seats for cars from this manufacturer will not leave indifferent a real admirer of high-speed routes.

Sparko produces car seats in three versions:

  • tubular;
  • plastic;
  • carbon fiber.

Seats with a tubular frame - the most affordable Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, but just like the others, are covered with special amalgam and exclusive non-combustible upholstery. Attractive for buyers of relatively low cost with traditionally excellent quality.

Plastic seats are assembled on the basis of a fiberglass frame made of high-strength fiberglass fabric by vacuum molding. Such a technological process requires high-precision equipment and allows you to achieve amazing strength.

Sparko chair

Carbon seat are the last word in seat technology. Carbon - lightweight material, the frame has an increased strength and rigidity. Chairs are made in special furnaces at high processing temperatures, which gives them a truly outstanding quality.

Sparco gives you the opportunity to buy chairs for high-end cars, but at a relatively low cost.

You deserve the best!

We looked at the three most progressive brands that make car seats. The advantages and quality of their products is beyond doubt. In addition to those mentioned, there are a large number of well-known and not-so-great manufacturers. Some of them, such as ProSport, UNP, Konig, FK, of course, are of good quality and are popular with many drivers. Other seats for cars, flooded the market, from the Chinese manufacturers "nouneym" do not have either the necessary level of reliability or quality assurance. The car seat of the dubious manufacturer will not be able to provide your protection in a critical situation, riding in it will be uncomfortable, the service life will most likely disappoint the car owner. Be careful and do not buy fakes, as your own health and safety is paramount!