Rating of commercial vehicles


Some time after starting a business, many begin to realize that you cannot take much away on your own two. But as a novice businessman, decide on the make and model of the iron horse, if it’s not so easy to find a worthy rating of cars for small commerce. We will try to solve this problem today by presenting the best and most popular car models for small businesses in the collection.

Popular car models for small businesses

Popular car models for small businesses

Overview of the commercial vehicle market in our country

At the first stages of the development of their business, it is very important for an aspiring businessman to purchase a reliable car with such characteristics:

  • Relatively low cost.
  • Consuming a small amount of fuel, but at the same time with sufficient power and carrying capacity.
  • The model should be easy to operate and maintain.
  • The possibility of using the car as a utility version.

Читать далее о рейтинге коммерческих автомобилей-->Судя по таким критериям отбора, не удивительно, что выбор многих падает на коммерческие модели отечественного производства и зарубежные образцы с пробегом. Что касается последних, то на подержанные коммерческие иномарки не всегда легко найти нужные запчасти. И им не всегда «по вкусу» приходится наш российский бензин. Поэтому многие выбирают модели с дизельным вариантом двигателя.

Here is a rough rating of manufacturers of commercial vehicles, compiled according to sales statistics in our market:

  • Gas.
  • Volkswagen.
  • Renault.
  • Peugeot.
  • Citroen.

Leadership in the segment of commercial auto domestic models Gas is not surprising. After all, the cost of such machines is close to the price of foreign analogues with mileage. Therefore, many of our businessmen prefer to purchase a new Russian Gazelle instead of the overseas “cat in a bag.” After all, none of the sellers will not give a full guarantee on the excellent condition of commercial cars. On top of that, a foreign car can be stolen.

Another thing is our Gazelle, the mileage of which is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Plus, it's easy to find spare parts for it. And the performance characteristics of the sales leader are as close as possible to the conditions of our Russian roads.

In the cabin Gazelles Next

In the cabin Gazelles Next

Leadership of sales of the German concern among the cars with mileage due to excellent workmanship and high level of comfort. Unfortunately, such a degree of comfort for our domestic counterparts so far remains inaccessible.

As for the French representatives, they have less adaptability to our road surface. In addition, for some of these models it is difficult to choose the replacement of the main components. And all due to the fact that their design may be different even in cars of one year, but different months of release.

The high rating of sales of French commercial vehicles in our market is provided by models with a diesel engine option. They are less “picky” for the quality of the fuel and at the expense of the relatively low price it pays off faster.

Rating models

In this part of the data on the leaders of sales of commercial vehicles in our market. A description of each of them will contain brief technical specifications and an average market value. Thanks to this, it will be easier to make the choice of a car for yourself.


Sales leader is available in several body styles:

  • Onboard.
  • With solid metal body.
  • Passenger.
  • Utility.
Body options commercial Gazelles

Body options commercial Gazelles

Auto has the following technical characteristics:

  • Total weight - from 3010 to 3500 kg.
  • The mass of the car itself is from 1840 to 2445 kg.
  • Load capacity - about 1500 kg.
  • Consumes fuel per 100 km of track at a speed cycle from 60 to 100 km / h - 10.5 l.
  • It is equipped with a 2.9 liter petrol engine capable of producing 107 horsepower.

The cost of a new car in the basic configuration is from 610,000 rubles. The average sales price of used cars is 150-200 thousand rubles.

Volkswagen Caddy

According to the rating, the most resistant are used cars, produced from 2003 to 2006. At the same time, the mileage index of such commercial vehicles does not rarely reach 300 thousand km. Technical indicators:

  • The total weight is 2250.
  • Speed ​​- up to 166 km / h.
  • The mass of the car itself is 1475 kg.
  • Load capacity - about 800 kg.
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km of track - 8.2 liters of gasoline and 6.1 - 6.9 liters of diesel fuel.
  • Available in two body styles - minivan and van.

The cost of a new car in 2014 ranges from 992,000 rubles. The price on the Volkswagen Caddy market with mileage ranges on average from 150 to 450 thousand rubles.

On video Volkswagen vans:

Renault Kangoo

This Frenchman from the rating has been issued since 1998. Available with two engine options:

  • On gasoline - 75 horsepower and a volume of 1.4 liters.
  • On diesel fuel - with a capacity of 75, 90 and 110 horsepower.

Other specifications:

  • Body options - van and minivan.
  • Weight - 1180 kg.
  • Load capacity - about 550 kg.
  • Fuel consumption (gasoline) - 7.1 l.

The cost of selling a used Renault Kangoo starts from 260,000 rubles. A new model of cars will cost from 649,000 rubles.

Peugeot Partner

The representative of the rating has the following technical characteristics:

  • Curb weight - 1480 kg.
  • Full weight with load - 2040 kg.
  • Loading capacity - 560 kg.
  • The maximum speed is 160-175 km / h.
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km - gasoline 9.6 l, diesel fuel 7.0 l.

Completed sales leader with two engines on gasoline in 1.6 liters, issuing 90 and 120 horsepower. And also available with a diesel engine of 1.6 liters for 90 horsepower. The version of this year will cost 702,000 rubles. The price of car sales in the secondary market starts from 360 thousand.

Citroen Berlingo

The model that closes our rating. It is the most economical and cheapest option of all. But due to insufficient technical reliability, it is somewhat losing to the others.

New comfortable Berlingo Multispace

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  • Speed ​​- up to 167 km / h.
  • In the combined cycle consumes 8.2 liters of gasoline.
  • Loading capacity is 580 kg with a full weight in equipment of 2145 kg.
  • Motor - on gasoline, 1.6 liter issues 80 and 110 horsepower.

The price of a new Berlingo starts at 616,000 rubles. The cost of sales of used cars starts from 230 000 rubles.


When choosing a commercial vehicle for your business should consider their operating conditions. For a city, a foreign model with a run can ideally suit. If a car is needed for transportation in rural areas, then it is better to purchase a domestic brand. When choosing a French counterparts, preference is given to new machines with a diesel engine. Thanks to service support with the selection of spare parts for them there will be no problems.