How to check the car for theft and search when buying

A runaway car for many Russians is often the first self-purchased vehicle. In addition to the affordable price, the car owner receives all the “past” associated with this car. Often, the problems associated with this car, it turns out only after the transfer of money to the seller.

Minimize the risks during such transactions will help check the car for theft, bail and restrictions on the basis of traffic police. This operation is available to any Internet user. It is necessary to make some data on the car, so you should have some information about the vehicle or a copy of registration documents for it.


  • 1 Provision of information
  • 2 Re-registration of a car in the traffic police
  • 3 A responsibility
  • 4 Registration
    • 4.1 Statement
    • 4.2  Payment
    • 4.3 Appeal to the traffic police
    • 4.4 Visual assessment
  • 5 Procedure Refusal

Provision of information

At the time of buying a car, the first thing is to take interest in its technical condition. For this less experienced motorists use the services of technical specialists. However, even an ideal performance vehicle can create problems with legal formalities. These situations are possible in such circumstances:

  • the car was arrested;
  • the vehicle is in the database of stolen cars;
  • the seller’s ownership of the car with the burden;
  • other valid reasons, according to Russian law.

Чтобы не попасть на мошенников, нужно знать, how to check the car for theft and search for the purchase. Для такого контроля был создан виртуальный сервис на сайте ГИБДД. Можете самостоятельно вписать в адресную строку и найти на официальном сайте этот сервис. Обработка запроса проводится практически мгновенно. К нему открыт круглосуточный доступ, благодаря которому любой пользователь способен выявить законодательно установленные блокировки на конкретное транспортное средство по следующим признакам:

  • car wanted for illegal possession of property;
  • There are restrictions on the vehicle in connection with traffic violations by this car owner;
  • vehicle restricted to move one of the state bodies: the investigative committee, social security, customs or judicial authorities.

where is the vehicle being checked for hijacking a pledge of restrictions on the basis of traffic police

As a result of the check, the information will contain information about “unclosed” offenses in the area of ​​traffic rules. It also gives the amounts of penalties and the basis that led to the excitation of these records.

The list will not contain data about the pledge, which means that it is possible to check the car for theft with the help of such an algorithm, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to identify financial issues at the moment. To solve this problem, there are companies that are ready to provide information from certain credit and financial structures for a fee:

  • the name of the credit institution where the loan was taken;
  • date of execution of the contract;
  • the period in which the full repayment is required to take place;
  • the presence of debt or delinquency.

When registering in the traffic police does not check the facts of encumbrance. This can be opened after the legal re-registration of documents for the new owner.

You need to know that in such cases there is a trial in court, which in most cases takes the side of the misguided buyer. The pledge will be terminated in the event that the date of the transaction is later than 01.07.2014.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the selling party has the original passport to the vehicle. In situations where the car has any restrictions, then, as a rule, the TCP remains with the lenders as a guarantee. Renewal without a passport auto impossible. Unscrupulous sellers go for different tricks:

  • make out a legal duplicate, stating in the traffic police about the "loss of TCP";
  • take on time from the lender the original.
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how to check the car for theft and search for the purchase

Title must be available from the owner. If there is something wrong with the document, it should alert the buyer.

Re-registration of a car in the traffic police

To the traffic in the Russian Federation allowed cars, put on record the traffic police in accordance with the law and only after completing the required documents. Therefore, it is necessary to break through the car for the hijacking before paying the seller for the vehicle.

Terms during which it is necessary to re-register the car after purchase, are strictly regulated. This period is 10 days for such events:

  • official transaction for the purchase / sale of property;
  • customs clearance;
  • deregistration of the car;
  • license plate replacement.

The rule also applies to the transportation of cars to another region of the country.

A number of categories of transport does not need re-registration. These vehicles include:

  • cars that leave the country no later than six months after crossing the border;
  • vehicles that are participants of international traffic;
  • cars that are intended for sale by specialized companies;
  • vehicles with ICE less than 50 cm3 and design speed limits of up to 20 km / h or a vehicle on an electric load with a total motor power of up to 4 kW.

how to check the car for theft is a pledge of restrictions on the basis of traffic police

For military vehicles, the procedure is carried out in specialized inspection bodies.

A responsibility

A driver who has not passed the registration procedure is a violator, and administrative penalties are imposed on him. The first time the sum makes 500-800 rubles, and at repeated violation the size of the penalty increases to 5000 rub.

Punishment threatens in both cases: non-delivery to the CU accounting and its use in this case, as well as violation of the deadline for the registration of legislation. For those who are interested in how to find out whether a car is stolen or not, you should hurry and find out through the relevant site or in person at the traffic police.

After the purchase can not violate the period of renewal, as in any case there will be a punishment depending on the offender:

  • individuals will pay 1500-2000 rubles;
  • entity will be required to pay 5000-10000 rubles;
  • officials responsible will be punished for 2500-3000 rubles.

how to find out whether the car is stolen or not

The relief is a rule that has come into force since the beginning of 2016, which provides for payment exemptions. When depositing funds within up to 20 days after the decision to establish a penalty, payment will be reduced by 2 times.

This benefit is available for such cases:

  • the lack of documents for cars in the management of the vehicle;
  • The admission to operation of the HARDWARE without corresponding registration;
  • driving a car that is not registered with the traffic police.

After 20 days, the fine must be paid in full.

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The registration procedure includes several points. They must be performed in a specific sequence.


Submission of an application is carried out in three ways: in handwritten form, in print, in electronic form. For the third option you will need to go to information resources through the Internet of the authorities. The document indicates:

  • data of the person who is the applicant, full name, address of registration, etc .;
  • Department of traffic police inspection, where it is supposed to carry out registration;
  • is a new car or imported into the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • data on the vehicle, which are listed in its registration documents (state number, VIN-code, model, make, date of manufacture);
  • information about the owner, which may be a natural or legal person;
  • in some cases, data about the representative is provided.

how to break a car to hijack

The application is signed by a mandatory signature. Without it, the document will be invalid. When sending information via the Internet, the document is certified by electronic signature.


The service is paid before registration. The amount differs depending on the type of service provided:

  • replacement of license plates for cars - 2,000 rubles; for motorcycles - 1,500 rubles;
  • with the issuance of a new passport for the vehicle - 800 rubles, if changes are made - 350 rubles;
  • making a new certificate of registration - 500 rub ..

Local authorities or federal authorities receive these services for free.

Appeal to the traffic police

When contacting the department of the State Inspectorate for citizens and traffic police, certain standards were adopted:

  • the reception of citizens is conducted in accordance with the established schedule;
  • the service must be provided within 60 minutes, and the waiting rate is a quarter of an hour;
  • submission of applications through online services is limited to consideration of five days, after which the applicant must be called to attend an in-person meeting;
  • the inspector is obliged to check the submitted documents

Visual assessment

A vehicle inspection is carried out if it is registered, the personal data of the owner is changed, the car is deregistered, the vehicle owner changes.

where to check the car for theft

The algorithm consists of the following items:

  • compliance control identification number;
  • check constructional features;
  • relevance verification persists for a month.

After checking, the car owner is given a state number for a car, a certificate and a passport for the car.

Procedure refused

Car owners can reasonably refuse registration. There may be reasons for this:

  • the data provided to traffic police officers are obviously unreliable;
  • certification or permission to use within the Customs Union is absent;
  • There are signs of forgery or corrections in factory identification marks;
  • Vehicle structure comprises a clear violation and regulatory legislation RF mismatch;
  • no policy on "autocitizen";
  • the car is under arrest or other restrictive factors;
  • There is no information about the payment of utilization collection.

Failure inspectors are required to provide in writing and return the paid state duty.

You need to know that during registration registration only original documents are submitted.

Copies of them removes employee inspection, and the car owner assures copies of his signature. After that, all documents are returned.