Insurers called renault duster the most "unlucky" car

Insurers called Renault Duster the most

Insurers have published information about which cars sold on the Russian car market most often end up in traffic accidents, and therefore are not very profitable for insurance companies. Anti-rating of such cars is headed by a all-terrain "Frenchman" Renault DusterBy the way, it is worth noting that it is the most popular car among Russians in the crossover segment. Every second sold at Renault dealerships in Russia crossover duster, according to statistics, got into unpleasant traffic situations, in which insurers had to incur losses. That is why insurance companies have lost their sincere love for this model.

"The most emergency car" - this is what label is hung on the windshield of the Renault Duster by Russian insurers. There is another interesting, but aggravating position of the crossover fact, because two of the five motorists got into an accident on the Duster again. Moreover, every tenth claim for insurance compensation is due to the fact that the applicant’s Duster was hijacked or cleaned up by car thieves. In general, the only encouraging circumstance that can warm the soul of the owner of the French crossover is for today that there has not been a single case of a Duster fire. Unlike other models that end up in an accident much less frequently than this SUV. Insurers called Renault Duster the most As already said Renault Duster is not going to leave the top of its Russian popularity rating in the crossover segment. Moreover, analysts have not yet come to an unequivocal conclusion about why these accidents happen. Maybe it’s not a car at all, but a gasket between the steering wheel and the pedals? There is a category of drivers who do not like to abide by the rules, maybe it is these car enthusiasts who buy Dusters more and then spoil the emergency statistics of the model?

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From January to May 2016, Russians bought nineteen and a half thousand Duster. In the back of the head “Frenchman” breathes Shniva with the result of sales of nearly twelve thousand cars. On the secondary car market used dusters also go away like hot cakes. Just buyers happy price. The new Duster in the simplest assembly can be bought from dealers for 630 kilorubles. Insurers called Renault Duster the most Diesel Renault DusterBy the way, they received an extended service interval from the manufacturer. Previously, it was necessary to contact the service center once every ten thousand kilometers, and now - once every fifteen thousand. This circumstance has reduced the price crossover costsaccording to the developers, as much as thirty-five percent.