Which of the crossovers to choose: kia sportage or hyundai


Эх, российские дороги… Даже в крупных городах и на оживлённых трассах состояние дорожного полотна частенько бывает «на троечку». О дорогах в провинции и говорить не приходиться. Зимой — отдельная песня. То почистить не успели, то реагенты превратили снег и лёд в кашу. Нелегко на таких дорогах обычной легковушке. Купить SUV? А зачем среднестатистическому горожанину, который и город-то покидает раз в год по обещанию, мощный рамный автомобиль с полным приводом и всевозможными блокировками. Которые, между прочим, очень чувствительно влияют на стоимость авто. Can help the car of the so-called intermediate class - crossover. So, Kia Sportage or Hyundai Tussan? Let's try to answer this question.

Crossovers Sportage and Hyundai Tucson - which is better suited for Russian roads

Crossovers Sportage and Hyundai Tucson - which is better suited for Russian roads

These car models first appeared on the market in 2004. And almost immediately gained considerable popularity. But as time went on, these crossovers also changed. If you do not go into details, in subsequent modifications, the designers have focused on urban drivers. This is evidenced by the rejection of the frame structure, and reduced ground clearance. Is it good or bad? It’s good for a city dweller, but now the question for Tusan or Sportage is no longer for a rural dweller - these machines are not suitable for our backwoods.

Однако перейдем к более детальным сравнениям кроссоверов. И начнём, как это принято, с внешнего вида.Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Sportage и Hyundai Tucson-->

Car model:Kia SportageHyundai Tucson
Producing country:KoreaKorea
Body Type:SUVSUV
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:19911991
Power, hp / rpm:140/4000112/4000
Maximum speed, km / h:177168
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:12,713,8
Type of drive:fullfull
Fuel type:diesel fueldiesel fuel
Consumption per 100 km:mixed 9,6city ​​9.2; highway 5.9; mixed cycle 7.1
Length, mm:43504320
Width, mm:18001830
Height, mm:17001730
Clearance, mm:172172
Tire size:235/60R16235/60R16
Curb weight, kg:16001585
Full weight, kg:17601600
Fuel tank capacity:5858


Koreans have worked well over the Kia Sportage. The new grille came, as they say, to the place. Very unusual look lights, "heart" of which are the LEDs. Bright sheaves of light escaping from them, allow the driver to react in advance to any changes in road conditions. And this is a guarantee of safe driving. Look fresh restyled wheels. On hot summer days, the chauffeur will be delighted by an amazing panoramic sunroof. To open it, you won't even have to strain yourself - the drive will do everything.

Car Kia Sportage - an exemplary result of the work of Korean designers

Car Kia Sportage - an exemplary result of the work of Korean designers

Go to Hyundai Tucson. This car is alien to modern trends to the smoothness of the lines and the general streamlined body. The general angularity, security of the moldings in a circle - all this really shouts about the fact that this is a vehicle of a real stern man, and not a modern glamorous creature of indefinite sex. Of course, the Hyundai Tucson is not designed for real off-road, but on the country road, even after the rain, he will not let the driver down.

Car Hyundai Tucson surely enjoy every man

Car Hyundai Tucson surely enjoy every man


В раздумьях, что предпочесть, Kia Sportage или Hyundai Tucson, многие особое внимание обращают на салон. Kia сделала ставку на современные технологии. Двери и передняя панель собраны из пластика неплохого качества. Конечно, корейцы в этом плане традиционно не дотягивают до японцев и немцев. Однако в плюс им можно сказать, что отделка становится лучше с каждой новой модификацией. Salon Kia Sportage буквально напичкан электроникой. Цифровые помощники всегда стоят на страже ценной «тушки» даже неопытного автовладельца. О подушках безопасности и речи не идёт.

Inside the car Kia Sportage implemented many modern technologies.

Inside the car Kia Sportage implemented many modern technologies.

The comfort here is elevated to the cult. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru. Ventilated seats with improved lateral support and a wide range of adjustments will not disappoint even the most demanding driver. Rear passengers, too, will not feel deprived - for their services quite enough free space. The newest multimedia system, equipped with a super-clear 4.2-inch screen, will not let you get bored on the road.

Unlike a competitor, the salon Hyundai Tucson deliberately outdated. This radio with green illumination, this instrument panel, turned to the driver - this design was popular 10-15 years ago. However, there is some hidden charm. After all, many modern delights seem something pretentious, unreliable. And if Hyundai came from the time when cars were made on the basis of many years of operation - this involuntarily inspires confidence.

Salon Hyundai Tucson will like the people of the old school

Salon Hyundai Tucson will like the people of the old school

However, there is no comfort in the car. All controls are logical. Chairs moderately hard, lateral support is good. The front passenger is hampered by the wheel arch, but not to say that it was critical. But the rear passengers will not complain about the lack of space. Even the middle one - there is no tunnel here. Seats are made combined - leather and fabric. Great option. And comfortable, and non-profit. Torpedo steering someone may seem too tough. Maybe so, but nowhere creaks.

In general, it is almost impossible to unequivocally determine who would have won the nomination “Best Salon”, Tucson or Sportage. They are just different.

Engine and transmission

Kia offers the buyer to choose one of three engines. In the middle of the line is a 150-horsepower gasoline engine. Along the edges - diesel engines with a capacity of 136 and 184 horsepower, respectively. The choice offered and two transmissions - manual and automatic. You can choose any one with the only limitation: the most powerful diesel is supplied only in combination with a six-speed automatic.

In terms of engine units and transmissions, both models are almost identical. And why is there to be surprised? After all, Hyundai has long absorbed the company Kia. Although…

Fans of economical driving now have the opportunity to purchase a Hyundai Tucson with a new two-liter diesel engine for 112 “horses”. The engine has a good appetite with a very moderate appetite (it needs only 7 liters of diesel fuel per hundred kilometers on the combined cycle).

Test drive car Kia Sportage:

Test drive a car Hyundai Tucson:

Summing up

It is time to take stock and find out which is better, Tussal or Sportage. Kia Sportage can be put in plus:

  • fashionable design;
  • modern salon;
  • high quality finishing materials;
  • abundance of electronic systems;
  • good selection of powertrains.

In turn, the Hyundai Tucson boasts:

  • harsh appearance;
  • simple but brutal cabin;
  • good ergonomic controls;
  • spaciousness in the back row of seats;
  • economical diesel engine.

So, we tried to compare Tussan and Sportage. Find out which one is better. But it turned out that the question was put incorrectly. There is no “better” or “worst” among them - they are just different. Brutal Hyundai Tucson will have to court a lover of "pokatushek" in nature or just zealous owner of a large suburban area. And Kia Sportage will attract a citizen who is accustomed to feeling confident on the streets of the metropolis in any situation.