How to adjust the throttle

The new car has a clear and well-adjusted adjustment of all systems and individual elements. During operation, for various reasons, the initial settings are unbalanced or fail, so it is regularly necessary to check the operation of the main components and mechanisms.

In many respects it concerns the fuel system, since the general behavior of the car depends on its work. It is important to have a fuel mixture of the required quality. To do this, adjust the throttle.


  • 1 Design features
  • 2 Types of designs
  • 3 Possible problems
  • 4 Commissioning

Design features

The throttle valve is in the form of a valve that dispenses air from the intake manifold. Its functions include direct adjustment of the flow area of ​​the channel.

A special sensor that monitors the angle of inclination and the degree of opening of the passage provides a more subtle work of oxygen supply The signals from it are transmitted to the electronic control unit, which corrects at this time the supply of fuel for the mixture. This way it is possible to balance the enrichment at maximum speed of the power plant.

how to adjust the throttle yourself

In the construction of cars there are two types of sensors, which differ in the type of drives:

  • mechanical;
  • electric.

The first type is typical for low-end models. A complete set of mechanical assembly is combined in a single module that combines the following components:

  • idle speed regulator;
  • rotating throttle;
  • sensor DZ;
  • case.

In some cases, the elements of the system include nozzles that contribute to the efficient operation of the system, catching the fuel vapor and engaged in the removal of crankcase gases.

The housing in which the valve is located, structurally refers to the cooling system. The duties of the regulator idling is to provide the required engine speed with the channel closed valve. This is necessary while warming up the engine or at the start. The regulator is a valve and an electric motor. They are used to supply air flow to bypass the main channel, closed by a damper.

Modern cars are equipped with virtually all models of electric-driven valves. As a rule, they also have their own control system. Due to this electronics, the most effective provision of vehicle torque is carried out at various speed intervals. Additional positives include reduced consumption and increased environmental footprint.

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how is throttle adjustment done

The following components are characteristic of an electrical node:

  • single body;
  • small electric motor;
  • distribution gearbox;
  • DPD;
  • spring mechanism;
  • throttle valve.

how to adjust the throttle

The difference in cars with mechanical components of the unit and electrical ones is noticeable during operation:

  • there is no direct connection between the flap and the gas pedal in the electrical node;
  • setting idle speed is performed when moving the valve, because the electronics can independently act on the mechanisms without human intervention;
  • electronics affect the torque value of the power plant.

These features became possible after using input-type sensors instead of mechanics. Due to them, the gas pedal position sensors are also operated. The whole complex of electronics affects the throttle position.

Types of designs

Before adjusting the throttle, you need to know that there are node designs that include two DZ position sensors. This feature does not increase power and does not affect the speed of signal processing. Its main task is the duplication of operations, so when one element fails, the second element remains in working condition.

how to adjust the throttle

The design of sensors can be both contact and non-contact. Manufacturing companies equip this unit with a reciprocating-spring mechanism in case of emergency situation.

Possible problems

Considering the damage to the site, you can differentiate them into several groups:

  • problems starting the engine;
  • increased gas mileage;
  • excessive idling speeds;
  • set speed with obvious failures;
  • interruptions with the gear shift.

In these cases, a mandatory adjustment and adjustment of the fuel system is necessary to avoid problems on the highway.


In this site, the main work falls on the valve. The quantity and quality of the injected fuel mixture depends on its exact position. During setup it is worth following the algorithm as precisely as possible.

Before starting work, the engine ignition is turned off. Thus, the flap is set to the original closed position. The sensor checks the conductivity between the terminals, and then disconnects the connector. The voltage at the tester should be zero.

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Behind the wheel we put a partner, who must squeeze the gas pedal to the maximum. In this case, the valve must be in the largest open position. When you release the pedal, the channel hole should be blocked as much as possible by the flap.

how does throttle adjustment begin

If there is a discrepancy, adjustment is carried out with the help of tension nuts. By loosening the nut “A” and tightening the hook “B”, we ensure the position specified by the manufacturer.

Also use probe 0.4 mm, which will help to measure the gap between the screw and the lever on the body. Mandatory adjustment is the throttle position sensor. It is set at an angle at which the required voltage at the terminals is provided.

At the end of the work, the mounting screws are tightened, which were loosened for all adjustments.